what the world needs now...

...is NOT another blog. 

I get it.

But at the urging of my brother and a few friends, I've decided to try my hand at this since I enjoy writing & photography so much. 

Hear me out: I'm under no illusion that a multitude of people will flock to these pages to see what I have to say next! I just want this to be a creative outlet, and hopefully my immediate family + the 5 other souls who read this will not be bored to tears, all the while thinking "Bless her heart".

That being said, let's get this party started. I'll take a cue from a recurring post - "Love, Like, Don't Like" - my brother features on his family's blog.

Here are a few things to know {other than the info on my 'About Me' page at the top}:

:: love
  • the Loveliest Village on the Plains  {Seriously, have you read the Creed?  Words to live by, friends}
  • Sunday dinner prepared by my mama -- it is an experience that is so much more than food
  • handwritten letters... truly nothing better
  • small towns & back roads
  • Psalm 121

:: like
  • porch sitting, solving the world's problems one at a time
  • keeping up with sports -- namely the Auburn Tigers, Chicago Cubs, Duke Blue Devils, and Mr. Phil Mickelson
  • traveling
  • most anything created by Cameron Crowe
  • a good pair of jeans

:: don't like
  • Pepsi

So...why the name sharper bee? No, I don't have an affinity for bumble bees.  It's simply a play on my name.  {And when I Googled "sharper bee" in search of a blog name, nothing terribly offensive popped up -- just a lot of cool photographs in which people were trying to get a really tight shot of a bee landing on a flower!}

OK - here goes nothing...