arizona, A to Z

With my job comes the opportunity to travel a good bit - for this I am very grateful.  It's a nice change of pace from the normal office grind, and I love visiting areas of the country that I wouldn't normally have the chance to see.

Recently, we spent a few days in Arizona to visit some properties and derive a little design inspiration for upcoming projects.

How can you not be amazed at God's handiwork here?  I'm not used to this type of terrain, needless to say.  I was in awe.

We stayed at the Hotel Valley Ho in the heart of Scottsdale.  This is Mid-Century Modern design at its finest, people.  The hotel has a fun, glamorous history.  Check it out.

Truly, I expected Don Draper to walk down that ramp at any minute.

Courtyard outside of our rooms...complete with what I thought were lime trees.  I picked some of the fruit and sampled it {Don't tell!}, and it had a really sweet taste.  Not a lime?

Coolest of cool fabrics, of course.

The landscape in Arizona really lends itself to vivid photography. We also had ideal weather the whole time, which only helped. 
I was happy taking pictures...

We had some time for a side excursion to one of Frank Lloyd Wright's homes - Taliesin West.  FLW's architecture is instantly recognizable.  I'll let these photographs do the talking...

You can't go wrong with rich orange and a blue background, right?

On to the site visits near Arizona State University... those mountains never get old.

Not a bad spot to live, right? 

Could you handle this view, though?  Look...

That's what I thought you'd say.

I'd bet the students who eat in this dining hall don't have much time to look past their plates when grabbing a bite to eat.  But when I look at this, I think, "That's such a great use of color blocking mixed with the school mascot on the cool concrete wall, and those CUTE. ORANGE. CHAIRS!"  {Cannot take credit for this space... again, this was just a site visit.}

And that was it!  Great design, lots of inspiration... well worth the trip. 

I heart AZ.