{life in instagram} - February edition

No travels this go-around... it was nice to be at home to enjoy the shortest month of the year.

Here's what I saw:

:: pretty stained glass

:: cookie time!

{side note: I do believe this is the same image that graced these lovely boxes back when I was peddling Samoas during my Brownies days... and that makes me very happy.  If Girl Scout cookies had a yearbook, I would sign it, "Stay sweet - never change the way you are.  And have a great summer. love, SHB"}

:: happy heart day!

:: writing my annual note of appreciation to Uncle Sam {yes - the old-fashioned way}

:: Robert Earl came to town & put on a fun show, as usual

Short month...few pictures.  Bring on Spring!



Remember these guys? 

Yes - it's Billy, D'arcy {with that unnecessary apostrophe, but it's cool}, and the whole band...

That ZERO shirt was pretty iconic for Billy Corgan -- he wore it a lot in the 90's.  To this day I do not know what it means, but I'm really OK with that. 

What I am here to tell you is that I have a shirt so reminiscent of this that I start humming a Smashing Pumpkins tune each time I wear it.

Exhibit A:

One of the perks of working in an industry where vendors are always trying to get you to specify their products is that they will sometimes treat you to a tour of their manufacturing facilities, feed you a nice lunch, and send you off with a bag of goodies.  That said bag of goodies is where this shirt came from when I toured Interface in LaGrange, Georgia.  Long story short: they have a campaign called "Mission Zero" in which they are working towards producing their carpet using 0% oil -- thus, when you use Interface, you are a "Zeroist".  {Hey, that's what my shirt says!}

They were quick to tell us not to wear this in an airport - in all seriousness - since at first glance, you may think it is another word that starts with a 'T'.  Oops!

Duly noted.  Needless to say, I only wear this shirt around the house.

In keeping with their environmentally friendly/socially aware company philosophy, Interface uses Me to We Style for their super-soft, comfy T-shirts.  This company seems to have a good story... check them out here and decide for yourself!

If you're in search of their products, here's what the shirt tags look like:

And for the record, this is my favorite Smashing Pumpkins song:

Now.  Go have yourself a smashing day...  {Rim shot!}