{life in instagram} - March edition

:: hello, Spring!

:: Do you see that price?!  Darn milk shortage!

{Still, totally worth it... Seriously - you try some of this dairy goodness and get back to me.  Melted. chocolate. ice cream.}

:: my dentist... so clever


:: Sunday morning coffee

:: sunrise


:: my worst enemy this month

:: loot from the Maxx

:: eat yo' greens

:: reupholstered my dining chairs... happy!

:: new stamps

:: on my wish list

{these remind me of my friend Britney - she has every tervis tumbler known to man... except these!}

:: sushi night

:: yes He did


home... where my thoughts escape me

Fire up the Simon & GarfunkelI was homeward bound a couple of weekends ago and had a great time visiting my family. 

It's always nice to go home and to just be.  Do you know what I mean?

My hometown could very well be the best kept secret of the South, and I mean that sincerely.  The people are like no other... but that is a post for another time.  {Just know for now that it is a wonderful place, and I'm so thankful I grew up there.}

Spring is one of my favorite times of year to go home.  Everything is in bloom and the air seems renewed...

Here are some shots from my time there:

Mama went out on a limb with the new front door paint, and I think it paid off nicely!  The woman is not afraid to try a new color... I come by it honestly.

Azaleas are in full bloom.  {Look closely... can you see the bee?}

I decided to try my hand at getting a "sharper bee"...
{See this post for a refresher!}

Have you ever seen one of these plants?  I don't know what it is, but it's been around our yard since I was a child.  My grandfather always told me the berries were poisonous...

* UPDATE: My cousin Neil, aka - horticulturist extraordinaire, has informed me this is a leatherleaf mahonia.  I still think it is a blood berry bush.

...which was always my cue to squeeze away!  You can see they look like they are filled with blood, and that was always fascinating to me when I was little.  {And I'm still alive to tell it!}

I love my dad.  He often walks around the property and ends up back at the house with an artifact of some sort.  These bottles were sitting on the back porch... said he found them down where the old shack used to sit by the creek.  Good to know.

Also courtesy of Dad... one of the many odd products in his arsenal of home improvement tools.  It just struck me as funny!  
{Never know what you're going to find on the back porch...}

It was a good time at home.


what's on 2nd

Recently, I spent some time in a local shop called What's On Second.  It's hard to justly describe this place, so I'll let their tagline say it: "We carry everything that has ever been made in one convenient shopping location!" 

And that, friends, is pretty much the truth.

It's what my mom calls - with utmost praise - a "junktique" store.  Many an hour of my childhood was spent with her on any given Saturday afternoon browsing the shelves and bins of such shops.  "It's just fun to look!"  {she would say...}  I wasn't so convinced in those days, but now I genuinely enjoy stopping in and looking around when I happen upon this type of store.  

{Hmmm... not sure what that means I am turning into.}  Love you, Mama! :)

Let's just look at some of the neat stuff in this shop:

Believe it or not, they had more than one of these Josephs for your yard nativity... and Frosty.

This machine looked both antiquated and futuristic to me... wonder if they throw in those light-hearted, feel-good filmstrips with purchase?! 

The store has 3 or 4 levels... you could spend HOURS in there.  I think this shot makes it look like a quirky, acidy Santa's workshop.  No?

Snapped this pic of the building across the street from the shop as we were leaving...
Don't you loooove these blue doors and trim?  And that one limey-green tree out front?  Perfect.

Now you know what's on 2nd!