{life in instagram} - April edition

don't know about you, but I was kind of bummed when I heard facebook acquired instagram.  As long as the app stays simple & fun to use, it will be OK... but I know how Zuckerburg likes to tweak his programs.  Time will tell!

Let's just enjoy it while we can...

{no relation... but we do hail from the same neck of the woods}

:: totally normal

{It's only April, but we could safely wager this will be the weirdest photograph I capture all year.  This is the Lady in the Lake at Barber Motorsports Park.  Please do not let the sight of her overshadow what lurks just over her left knee cap -- the ferris wheel from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.  Let's move on...}

:: be still my heart... I love a good BOGO

:: tools of my trade

:: they come in all sizes, you know

:: I appreciate the metaphor here  {John 14:6}

:: Lamar sighting!  {see this post}

{I'd never seen this one of Stevie, and it's right here in Birmingham... think it might be my new favorite.}

:: many subjects, little knowledge

:: thought it could've been The Day

:: sunglasses on a magazine... that's all I got

:: insta-Graham


Have a great week!


moth to a flame...

That's what it is like. 

Every time I see this woman {Theresa Caputo} on TV, I cannot turn away...

Here, Theresa is probably saying "Do you understand me? That is spirit's way of validating..."
"Validating" is the most oft-repeated word on this show, hands down.

I don't know if it's the Long Island accent, the hair, the manicure, or her profession that entertains me most.  Whether you believe in what she does or not, you have to admit it's pretty fascinating.

You win, reality television. 

In other TV events that hold my brain hostage...

This ad has taken up permanent residency in my cranium:

BREAKING NEWS:  I do not own a DVR!

:: Happy Friday ::


King Tom

I really, really, really, really, really want to see this guy in concert...

He and the Heartbreakers are on tour right now.  They probably won't be out there on the road for too many more years.

Let's pretend for a minute -- unlimited funds, no time restraints...

Of all the venues on the current tour,  I'd pick this one:

Ireland is at the top of my travel destination wish list, so this way I'd be killing two birds with one stone.  I'd go early and see the sights for a few days, then let the concert be the big finale of my trip. 

It would be the ultimate.

The odds of this trip happening are as strong as the chance of my winning the Mega Millions lottery, since I haven't bought a ticket for either.  {Bubble burst.}  However, I have the next best thing to seeing Tom live... this DVD:

If you have never seen this documentary, then I have to ask: 


Truly, if you are a fan of music in general, you will enjoy this film.  It's the most comprehensive account of the origin and lifespan of a band I've ever seen.  It is so well done with rare clips and interviews of all the key players & some of their best performances together.  They leave nothing out.

{Side note: If you hadn't figured it out before now, I am a total nerd.  If you know me personally, then this post is only further confirming what you already knew about me.  Thank you.}

Oh, what are my favorite Tom Petty songs?  Thought you'd never ask...

:: 2 - The Waiting {especially THIS version}
:: 6 - Yer So Bad
:: 9 - Into the Great Wide Open {perfect example of Tom's master storytelling}
::10 - Even the Losers 

+ BONUS: American Girl {This would have ranked higher, but every time I hear it, I think of 'Silence of the Lambs' - don't get in that van, girl!}

That was hard.  There are so many other good songs... the whole 'Wildflowers' album reminds me of early high school.  His music videos revolutionized MTV.  And almost every great Cameron Crowe movie features a Tom Petty song at a pivotal moment.  {Hello, Free Fallin' in 'Jerry McGuire' and Learning to Fly in 'Elizabethtown'.}

He's the king of cool.

Hope I get to see him one day.


fabric on the cheap

So... I revealed my soft spot for Old Time Pottery last week, and there's one more very important reason why that place keeps me coming back: their stock of fabrics.

I can't tell you the great finds I've scored time and again on the remnant table at OTP.  Lest you've forgotten, this is an area where you'll have to dig to find the good stuff, but it is completely worth it.

They have good fabric.  Designer fabric.  Fabric that normally sells for $50+ a yard can be found in the graveyard of thread here for $4.99 a yard.  That is the price for every fabric on the table.  This is serious.

{The only catch is that you have to buy the entire lot of the fabric -- sometimes it can be 2 yards, sometimes it's 20 yards.}

As a result of that tiny caveat, I still have yards of a discontinued Laurie Smith fabric {below} that I bought here years ago, but I still love it and will use it again one day... somewhere.  Hey! It would go great with my newly-purchased Orangina print in my future home office, right?!

Do you want to see what I'm talking about? 

Here are a couple of pricey fabrics I spotted last week at OTP for a steal:

Both of these fabrics are made by Maharam.  I look at them on a daily basis in our resource library at the office.  The one on the left sells for $49/yd; the one on the right is normally $69/yd.  Not at OTP!  $4.99 A YARD.  A steal... I told you.

I also really liked this fabric:

It's a Robert Allen... another steal.  The background is navy, if you can't tell from the image.  It would be a step-out, I know... the pattern is very large and it is a unique graphic.  But it would make such a statement in an otherwise ho-hum room. 

Can't you imagine some rich drapery panels made out of this with shades of yellow accenting the room?  Kind of like these scenes...


Here's another great one from the table:

You have to put your hands on this fabric to truly appreciate it... the material felt almost like taffeta, and it looked really luxurious in person.  {Had it been a cotton, I don't think I'd like it as much.}  I couldn't find any signs of the manufacturer, but it really looked and felt like an expensive fabric -- this photo doesn't do it justice.

I think this fabric would be right at home in one of these Jonathan Adler rooms:

Pure FUN.  I love his inventive style.

Fabric is the cornerstone when designing a room, and it goes a lot further when you find it for a great price. 

Let me know if you've found your own diamonds in the rough at OTP!


cow town

A few years ago, my brother and I traveled home together on a cold, gray Saturday in December.

Along the way we passed a cow pasture, stopped, turned around, and got out to shoot some photographs.  {Most of these were taken by Nick -- he's good with a camera.}

THIS is why I love back roads...

See those 2 black cows to the right of the white one? The way they're standing
makes it look like a two-headed cow... weird, right?

These photographs remind me of this Paul Gauguin landscape I have hanging in my home (the print, of course!):

And I would love to have a few of these inspired pieces found on etsy...

How about you?  Don't you want to take one of these cows home?



selfish Saturday

With no real plans for the day on Saturday, I eased into my morning with some coffee and the company of these 3 ladies... on TV, that is:


This was the first time I'd watched Ree Drummond's show.  I know she has a very popular blog, but I'm late to the party on that, too.  {I've never read it!}  This particular episode was all about her youngest son's 7th birthday and featured the best-looking macaroni & cheese I have ever seen!  I mean, it was ridiculously good-looking...


Oh, Paula... what can you say?  She reminds me of just about every Southern woman I know and love in my hometown.  I've loved her since the simple, early days of "Paula's Home Cooking", because she just dumps stuff in the bowl without measuring -- that is the sure sign of a good cook.  {It's my mama's approach in the kitchen, too!}  Saturday's episode featured Paula making a veggie pizza... healthy, right?  The white "marinara" was comprised of cream cheese, sour cream, & some other ingredients.  I am not kidding.  Only Paula...


I think this was the debut of Trisha Yearwood's new show, and it did not disappoint.  She seems very at ease in the kitchen, and she is funny.  Win-win.  She even made cheese straws, OK?!  I was sold when she revealed the secret was doubling the cheese as the result of a misread recipe in her mama's kitchen.

After viewing these 3 consecutive shows, I'm convinced this is the trifecta of Food Network.  {Apologies to Barefoot Contessa, but really... Ina is in a league of her own, right?}  These ladies are fun to watch!

Wow!  I did not mean to turn this post into a review for Food Network...

{If you know of my prowess in the kitchen, then you are finding this truly ironic.  Hey - I'm working on it!}

On with the post...

After the mini TV marathon, I decided to run some errands and then head to one of my favorite stores, Old Time Pottery.  No, you didn't read that wrong -- I love this store!  And I especially like to just go there and walk down every aisle, without a thought in the world, seeing if they have any treasures to be found.

First, I stopped and fueled up on this for shopping sustenance:

{Blue Coconut slushee... it was really good!}

And what awaited me at OTP was lots of color:

This beauty came home with me.  It's the type of purchase that gets me in trouble sometimes... I don't exactly have a place to hang it YET, but I can envision it framed in a future home office {key word: future}... I just couldn't pass it up, even though it will just be taking up space in storage for now.

Loved this mirror... didn't buy it. I would probably spray paint it a fun color to really make a statement.

Thought this one was great, too... would look so cool in a small foyer or over a dresser. And I think it was around $36!

These were fun, colorful votive candle holders made to look like mercury glass.

This is how NOT to do imitation mercury glass... yikes.

And just to further reinforce that shopping at OTP does require you to weed through the rough to find the diamonds... MEOW.

OK - back to the good stuff...


It was a fun time of mindless browsing!  And I only walked out of there with the poster art, a lamp shade, & two rolls of wrapping paper.

I won't tell you how much time I spent in OTP, but after leaving there and making a lengthy trip to the grocery store, my good intentions of attempting to make Ree's mac-&-cheese resulted in this compromise with my tired self:

Straight out of the box.

Still good to me!