{life in instagram} - May edition

:: fun -- wish I had a spot for these!

:: straight out of my 8th grade collection... thanks for the music, MCA

:: bummer

:: unexpected bonus included with some clothes I ordered

{7-year old me would have been much more excited about these than the clothes!}

:: last grapefruit of the season... I'll miss you, breakfast staple.

:: bright

:: spring baubles

:: red velvet

:: sweet

:: office reads

:: hipster Hello Kitty... spotted in BNA airport

:: our satellite office - for real

The end.


here and there...

As mentioned before, I travel a good bit for my job -- especially in the Summer.

Last week was no exception.  This should clue you in to where I spent the week:

On the job site...

And inside, looking out...

It felt like we were in Jurassic Park, hiding inside with all these big dinosaurs cranes lurking and moving around the perimeter... good times!

Once I got back from that trip, I took advantage of the long weekend and headed home

My mom was on the home stretch of a week-long visit from her two sisters, and this is what I walked into on Friday evening:

Amen.  :)

There were some other visitors during the weekend at my parents' home -- well, more like temporary residents who'd made themselves at home in this nest on the front porch...

The baby birds got very vocal when their mama showed up to feed them, but she would fly away when I tried to snap a picture on the porch.  So, I resorted to this shot from inside the house:

So neat to watch!  Anybody know what kind of bird this is?

I think my mama had big plans to plant these beauties on Monday...

Sorry I missed out on that. :)

Hope everyone had a reflective, relaxing, and happy Memorial Day!


Gotten carded lately?

I'm sure, as with most of my posts, when I show y'all something I've "discovered" on the World! Wide! Web! {say that like Bozo would say "Fifty! Dollar! Bill!"}, you have already known about said discovery for at least 3 years. 

I'm probably late to the dance here, too...

Nevertheless, have you seen these funny e-cards

Funny Encouragement Ecard: I'll buy you a share of Facebook for every status update you don't post.

don't think I've sent an e-card since Blue Mountain was in its heyday {check it, 1999!}, but these from someecards are really fun and reflective of current events, as evidenced above. 

{There are also some pretty crude ones on the site, as well... you have to tread lightly through that mine field, people.}

Here are some other favorites:

Lets get together for the Lost finale and reminisce about the days when Lost made any sense whatsoever.

Please accept my sincerest condolences on the fateful expiration of your ability to avoid reality.

I believe in you like Adam Sandler believes in Rob Schneider.

You have an uncanny ability to predict NCAA Tournament upsets moments after they happen.

Axl Rose has much to teach our generation about successfully putting off a deadline.

Happy middle-of-the-week, everybody!


thoughts on a Tuesday

+ If you subscribe to my blog through Google Reader or another feed, then congratulations!  This is the second time you'll get to read this post this week! :)  Yes... I hit "publish" instead of "save" when I originally drafted it on Sunday.  Secret's out! +

::  Lazy Sunday 2 was really funny on SNL this weekend.  Really funny.

::  Even though I don't know the first thing about hockey, I think I'd enjoy attending a game.  Or is it a match? #notcanadian

::  My cashier at the grocery store on Saturday asked me if the salsa I was buying was any good, because she invites her friends over every Saturday night and usually makes pico de gallo.  Her late shift was not going to leave time to make a batch this night so she was going to buy the salsa instead.  Then she told me their Saturday night gathering also includes "the jello shots".  "We fix about a 100 shots for the 4 of us."  {Y'all know I can't make this stuff up!}

::  Does anybody else think the 'JEOPARDY' theme song has the same tune as "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name"?  Hmmmm.

::  If there are any sureties in this world, one is that my dad will always – always – watch ‘Braveheart’ when he catches it on TV.  Always.  {Even though he owns a copy of it.}  Always.

::  I'm no better... VH1's "Top 100 Songs of the 90's" has the same gravitational effect on me.  EVERY. TIME.

::  Wonder why Hillary Clinton decided to grow her hair out?

::  If I’ve learned one thing from ‘House Hunters’, it’s that Columbia, SC has some really cute, older, well-built homes.

How's that for random? :)


freeze frame

"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away."  ::  Eudora Welty

Hard to believe this photograph was taken almost 10 years ago... we'd just had dinner together before parting ways for our last Christmas break of college.
YOUNG 'UNS, we were. 

{Try not to be jealous of my Puff-Daddy jacket and leather New Balances, OK?}

Thankful I still get to share dinners with these girls, even just this past weekend with some.  Good talks, good laughs.

Here's to a good week for all of you! 

Call your friends.


What's the frequency, Kenneth?

The definite highlight of my excursion to New Hampshire this week was the discovery of this Boston radio station:

92.5 the River

It is soooo good and really kept me company in the car as I was on the lookout for moose!

Since Birmingham is lacking in quality FM stations, I was quick to see if there was a way to hear the River once I got back home.  {I love Birmingham Mountain Radio, but I like to have options!}  The obvious solution is to listen directly off the station's website, but I also discovered this app on my iPhone:

 Did y'all know about this?  If so, why have you been holding out on me?!

This is basically every radio station you could possibly imagine at your fingertips, people!  You can search for specific stations or browse by genre.  I am sold

::  Are you a news junkie?  They have 1010 WINS out of New York, NY!  I got hooked on this station when I was working in New Jersey last summer.  Their slogan is “YOU GIVE US 22 MINUTES, WE’LL GIVE YOU THE WORLD,” because they keep a strict schedule of cycling news, traffic, weather, sports, & business all within that time frame.  {I also love the background sound of typewriters they use when reporting... small details.}  You should really check it out.

::  Another classic station they offer is WWL out of New Orleans.  This makes me think of my dad... I can remember him being able to tune this in sometimes at night on a regular radio in our house when I was growing up.  It was usually fuzzy reception, but he still enjoyed it.  

::  Y'all, they even have WEGL 91.1 - Auburn's campus radio station.  WEGL! WEGL!

 I could go on, but you should get on there and discover some new stations for yourself... let me know what you find!

Tunein also has a regular website if you just want to listen from your desktop.

Now, excuse me while I go listen to some new tunes...

{Bonus: What movie?  You know this!}


from the 'Ham to the Hamp'...

My week has already consisted of a 48-hour, whirlwind trip to New Hampshire for work.  Is it Friday yet?

We are installing a project close to the University of NH this year, and this was my first visit to the site.  Actually, this was my first trip to the state of New Hampshire, so it was all new to me.

I'll be going back later this summer for a longer period of time and will hopefully have the chance to soak up more of what this region has to offer -- preferably the seacoast & its close proximity to Boston.  For now, you'll have to settle for these less than stellar snapshots of my rainy, solo trip to the land of "Live Free or Die!"

I knew I was in unfamiliar territory when I spotted this sign - yikes!  I just kept telling myself that it was no different from the "Deer Crossing" signs we have here in the South.  Right?

UNH's mascot is the Wildcat, as seen here on their campus.  So was my high school's.  {Totally just blew your mind!}

I saw a lot of cemeteries.  A lot.  All were very historic-looking, like John Quincy Adams might have been buried there.

Really, New Hampshire?!  REALLY?!?

As I got up at 4:45am & made some coffee before my early return flight, I was happy to see this reminder of home in my hotel room so far away in New Hampshire!

Waiting at my gate... mission accomplished, ready to go home.

This was one of those get-the-job-done, no time for sight-seeing, turn around and get back to the office kind of trips.  Summer is our busy season with lots of travel, and when it is all said & done, it is very rewarding.

Oh, and if you thought being an interior designer is all glamourous, just know that I ate lunch at 2:00pm in a gas station Subway when I was on this trip.  FANCY.  Do you think Suzanne Sugarbaker would do that?

Hope everyone's work week is productive!


you say it's your birthday...

Today is the birthday of someone special in my family.

It's a pretty significant one, so I won't give it away...

{This was my earnest - not perfect - attempt at a red velvet cake!}

She just may be the mama of this sweet little lump...

{He was pretty tired from all the birthday celebration on Saturday night.}

And I'm pretty darn blessed to call her my sister-in-law!

But I won't name names... :)

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y !

+ + + + + + + + + + +

This is my nephew Graham and me, pre-party, before he went down for the count...

People keep commenting that we look alike... I don't know about that.  I mean, how can you really tell at this point? 

But, I'll take it -- 'cause he's pretty cute!


in case you need a reminder...

{I took this a couple of years ago in Birmingham.  This phrase was popping up in random locations across the city.  Seems to be a national trend... did you see these words in your town, too?}

In other inspiration for this mid-week pep rally, here are some gems from etsy:

Bonus points if you recognized that last one from "How I Met Your Mother"!

HAVE A GREAT DAY!  Go be awesome...


everyday inspiration

Do you ever find creative inspiration in ordinary, unassuming sources?

I recently bought some of this ginger ale:

Every time I grab a can, I am drawn to the bright yellow combined with cool gray and those tiny white dots & sharp rust accents... it's a great design. 

This yellow + gray color combination has been gaining popularity in interior spaces recently, so I found some examples that really spark my creativity

Let's look!


Not in love with that camouflage on the wall, but I do like the overall unconventional design for this nursery.

I really like the marriage of traditional and modern elements in this room, but that huge poster art above the fireplace makes me uneasy.  {Maybe it's a photograph taken by the homeowner... benefit of the doubt.}  I'd love to see a textured abstract oil painting instead.  To each his own, right?

I love to see people take a risk with big, bold wallpaper patterns in small spaces like this bathroom.  Talk about dramatic!  This is great design to me.  I know wallpaper tends to become dated and can be a hassle when it's time to change, but it is fun while it lasts!  The key is picking a timeless pattern.  {Or, if you are like me, it doesn't matter because continual change in decor is G-O-O-D!}

Yellow + gray... it's like sunshine + clouds.  We'll see how long this trend lasts!