{life in instagram} - June edition

Summer is here.  Is it hot where you are?  It is BOILING in the South... guess we should have known with that mild Winter. 

Wonder what Poor Richard would say about that?

Anyway... I think these snapshots capture my version of early Summer pretty precisely:

:: my calendar page this month... and a pretty sweet motto for life

:: peppermints -- they're not just for Christmas anymore

:: I look forward to getting this in the mail every year, just as much as I enjoy a good root canal

:: oh Target, even your spices make a kitchen look pretty

:: downtown

:: hey there... I like your colors

:: fins

:: laundry time

{On a side note...}  

A few of you have asked how to find me on instagram.  That's a great question!  Until recently, I did not know that instagram could even be used as a social media tool -- I just thought it was a standard app. {Technological wizard, I am not.} So... I will try to figure it out.  Until then, you'll just have to settle for what I manage to publish on here -- that is a true accomplishment in itself. :)

Stay cool, y'all. 


It has begun...

As I've mentioned a few times around here, I travel quite frequently during the summer for my job.  And beginning last week, that routine is in full swing now.

I've been looking forward to my projects located in northern towns, hoping for a reprieve from the customary humid, sweltering days of Alabama summers!

So, here's what happened when I spent last week in Kent, Ohio:

RECORD HEAT in the North.  Natch.

This is what it looked like the last time I was in Kent {in January}:

Big difference, right?

Kent is a cozy town... lots of progress in the way of construction of new buildings around Kent State.

Here's a limited tour of the campus {sorry, I was B-U-S-Y...no time for sight-seeing}:

Spotted this in the bookstore:

I'll take the GIGANTIC, please.

If you think that is an odd item to be found in the KSU bookstore, you have to know the history.  There are black squirrels EVERYWHERE around Kent... wish I'd gotten a picture of one -- a real one.  This is the lore about black squirrels in Kent, as provided by a local shop downtown, McKay Bricker Framing Black Squirrel Gallery & Gifts {no, I didn't make that up}:

In February 1961, Larry Woddell, superintendent of grounds at Kent State University, and M.W. (Biff) Staples, of Davey Tree, brought ten pairs of black squirrels to the KSU campus from Ontario, Canada.  From the KSU campus the black squirrels have migrated throughout northeast Ohio.  Now the Black Squirrel is the unofficial mascot of Kent.

The trip was fast but productive.  I was home long enough to do laundry and squeeze in a visit with this cutie {and his parents} today, before heading back out on the road:

Now I'm coming to you live from Kennesaw, Georgia... a little closer to home. 
That means HOT weather for another week on a job site. 

Bring it.

Have a great week, everybody!


playing through...

OK - fair warning:  this post is going to be the modern-day version of "Well, let's all move into the living room now and let me show you some slides of our trip to Sioux City."

I've got golf pictures.

Lots of green.  Not a ton of action.  Taken with an iPhone.

If that doesn't sound like the peak of fun and excitement to you, it's OK if you want to check back another day.  I'll understand... :)

So, my dad came up this weekend and we spent Saturday at the Regions Tradition at Shoal Creek.  Great event, even better companion!

As I'd hoped in my last post, we did get to see Freddy up close and personal:

{Before I go any further, I can imagine my avid-golfer brother reading this post and growing incensed that I would snap these pictures on the course.  New policy at the tournament this year: smart phones allowed!  Now, I'm not 100% sure it was kosher for me to actually take pictures, but other people were doing it, and my phone makes no noise during the process.  No harm, no foul.}

We attempted to follow Couples the first few holes, but as you can see below, SO DID EVERYONE ELSE!

It was kind of crazy, y'all.

We decided to walk the course a bit more, then found a great perch on the 17th green:

Beautiful spot.  We got to see a lot of great players come through on this hole.  You could also watch the 18th tee from these bleachers.  Win-win!

Playing out of the trap...

...and leaving it like you found it!

Craig "The Walrus" Stadler conferring with his caddy on 17...

... and the follow-through.  For birdie!

We wrapped up the day watching the last few groups tee off at 15:

Here, Chien Soon Lu gets my vote for Best-Dressed on the course.  Sharp threads!  He was exciting to watch... wish we'd followed him more. 

Happy {early} Father's Day to all!  U.S. Open this weekend... whoop-whoop!

Slide show's over.


Pop-Tarts & The Queen

This is a hodgepodge... get ready.

In a fit of nostalgia during my last trip to the grocery store, I bought some Pop-Tarts.  Chocolate Fudge, no less.  So, I opened the package one day this week, and here's what I found:

Here's how they look on the box:

My first thought was that somebody slipped this one by the boss on the inspection line at the factory.  Now I'm not so sure that Mayor Bloomberg hasn't already gotten to the people at Kellogg's!  NOOOOO.

That's OK, though.  Grown-up me likes the "crust" part better than the icing, anyway.

Moving on...

Did anybody catch the coverage of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee this week?  I really wanted to stay home from work and watch all the events.  {Remember, I don't own a DVR!} 


Oh, well -- I enjoyed the photographs from Reuters of the festivities.  Here, a few favorites:

Looks like a good party!

{Another awkward transition...}

If you're keeping score at home, this would have been the weekend of that awesome Tom Petty concert in Dublin.  Turns out I have much better plans instead... my dad is coming to visit me!  We'll be going to watch some of golf's greats play in the Regions Tradition.  Hope we get to see this guy:

Finally, to cap off the jumble that is this post...

This song has been popping up a lot lately:

Good song.  Weird video. 

Fun fact:  I heard on the radio that the name of this band - Imagine Dragons - is actually an anagram that only the band members know, and they say they'll never reveal what it is. 

Very well, then.

H A P P Y   F R I D A Y !


Read. More. Books.

Summer is here, for all intents and purposes, which makes me think of the beach, baseball, and {for nerds like me}... reading lists & libraries!

My library card gets much more of a workout in the Summer than any other time of the year.  I think that is because my favorite TV shows are all in re-run mode.  Pathetic, I know.

Not long ago, I saw a feature on NBC Nightly News {watch it here} about a unique project called the Little Free Library.  The original library was built in Wisconsin by Todd Bol.  Here's what it looks like:

The premise is very simple:  Take a book, leave a book. 

The little library can be located wherever you choose in your community, and people are free to come by and take a book to read and bring it back when they are done, or even bring a new one to add to the collection. 

I just think it's brilliant and a really neat way to connect with others in your neighborhood.

Here are some of the other little libraries that have been installed around the country.  {All of these photos are courtesy of the Little Free Library website -- go check it out.  Maybe you will be inspired to build one of your own!}

{This one is my favorite}

I feel like this is a constantly un-met goal of mine:

My brother made a keen observation at my place not long ago: a lot of the books on my shelves have a bookmark in them.  If it's a nonfiction book, then yeah... I'm likely to put it down for a while and start again later.  I hope to rectify that this summer!

I want to be a bona-fide book worm.