{life in instagram} - August edition

When I'm stationed at a job site, I go to convenience stores.
A lot.
Very frequently.
More than the average person.
For many and sundry reasons.

That being said, a few of these photos were snapped in said convenience stores, since most of my August was spent traveling. 

There's some unique finds in these stores...

:: That's what I always say...

:: Uncanny likeness, right?  {posted right outside the gas station bathroom}

:: How fast do you think the TSA would lose your bag if you had this luggage tag?
:: Keep on truckin'...
:: sun up
:: sun down

:: Marty Huggins for Congress
:: summer night on its way out
 Here's to more photo-taking time in September!



It has been a while, hasn't it? 

Is it even August anymore?  Such a blur...

I finished my work with little time to spare in this town:

Then, squeezed in a quick trip here:
And just happily stared at this:
But that didn't last long, since I had to come back and say good-bye to this place:
Which means I am still in the process of unpacking these:
Crazy times, but good times.  Lots going on!
Will be back soon with travel photos and more...


unloading my brain

Random thoughts for the week...

I was really sad to hear of the passing of Irish author, Maeve Binchy, on 7/30.

She was {and is} my favorite, favorite, favorite writer.  The movie version of her book - 'Circle of Friends' - was released when I was in high school.  A teacher/friend convinced me the movie couldn't hold a candle to the book one day in conversation at the video store.  Taking her advice, I bought the book, and to this day, it remains my favorite book of all time.  Since then, I've devoured anything Maeve has written.  She is the consummate storyteller.  Her stories are so character-rich, and they are all set in Ireland... she makes you want to live there!  'The Irish Times' did a nice piece on her if you'd like to read it here.  {You should.}


Hey guys, let's all get on the same page:  we are currently on Daylight Saving Time -- not Standard Time.  We'll be on CDT (for those of us in the Central Time Zone) until November 4 at 2:00am when we switch back to CST.  I get a lot of notifications at work from well-meaning people trying to set up conference calls... I see this over and over: "Can we meet at 3:00pm CST?" -- no matter what time of year it is!  No, we cannot.  I am not leaving Daylight Saving Time for your meeting.  Boom.

{stepping off soapbox now...}


 Pizza from Target is soooo good:

Seriously.  You need to try it.
The crust is excellent.  It costs $5.  WIN-WIN.
It will spoil you on other frozen pizzas.


I haven't gotten caught up in Olympics fever - yet.  There's still one week left.  USA! USA!


I have to go back to New Hampshire very soon.  This project is promising long days, sleepless nights, and maybe even moose sightings.  Good thing I'm packing this attitude to take with me:

And for good measure, this one, too:




spoiler alert


Honey Boo Boo is getting her own reality show... and she's bringing her family and "Go-Go Juice" with her.

See for yourself:

{Gotta love the enthusiasm of the guy presenting this video.
  I think he realizes the impending doom of our planet.}

Sorry, Georgia... we all have our crosses to bear.

Who's going to watch?!


tales from the job site

Well... these won't really be tales, more like scenes.  Any narration would probably bore you to tears.  Just know that this is my viewpoint from a project in Georgia I've spent the last year planning, living, breathing... and finally installing this past month. 

Spending almost 4 weeks in one place, working 12-hour days - straight through the weekend at times - can be taxing, but I do love my job.  {Even when I wake up and have no idea where I am or what day it is -- literally, I had to ask the cashier at a restaurant if it was Wednesday or Thursday -- I still like it.  Scary.}

Here's what I see:

almost finished...

unloading furniture from the truck on a hot day in all that Georgia clay
{rhymes are trademarked, yo}

view from my hotel room one morning -- our first truck arrives at 7AM every day

fresh paint in the parking deck -- it will never be this clean again

Red Bull braving the unpaved road by our building... wish he'd stopped and given me an IV with that stuff running through it

nice view of the Kennesaw State lacrosse field from our building

Remember the pig from my last instagram post?  I told you he wanted to work...  {PS - that is one of our truck drivers standing to the right - nice guy.  I have some great material from all the truck drivers we meet that show up with our endless deliveries.  These people do a job I am hardly cut out to do... and they have some very entertaining personalities to go with it!}

I know more about dumpsters than I ever wanted to... if you haven't seen how one gets picked up and hauled off, you haven't lived -- there's an art to it.

Andddddd...there you have it.