{life in instagram} - September edition

So much for taking more photos in September...

Y'ALL!  Where did the month go?! 

{I think I just heard sleigh bells...}

:: some days just require a mega DC fix
:: the 1970's called... they want their butterfly bench back  *rim shot!*
:: grown-up Trapper-Keeper -- just like starting back to school... another project cycle begins
:: favorite amenity of my new place = this view (every day!)
:: skull & crossbones in the mail box... really, spammers?
:: painting...
:: fun shoes, tired feet
:: watching the sun rise at TPA
These images sum up my month pretty well... off the road and back in my office, trying to get more settled in and improve upon my new-to-me residence, and still taking a few 1 to 2 day trips for work.
Here comes October...
What does your month look like?  I want to know!


everyday inspiration: part deux

I did a post like this a few months ago. 
It was fun, so I'm trying it again.  Simple as that.

These crackers are really good:

And so is the color blue. 
Cobalt, to be exact, is one of my favorites.

Here are a few examples of design that really works using this color scheme...

I've been painting some furniture lately to spruce up my new-to-me apartment.  After rifling through paint decks and finding some great new colors, I decided to use paint that I already had and not spend the money.  Not as fun, but maybe more practical, right?  And don't get me wrong... they are good colors, but man!  I love these cobalt blue pieces. 

Starting to re-think my pink coffee table...


On a totally unrelated but just as fun note: 'How I Met Your Mother' starts back tonight, guys!

{No, I still don't own a DVR... why do you ask?}


You should be as excited as they look.

Happy Monday!



Monday and the rain got you down?

Well, that's about to disappear.

Watch this:


You go, David Gregory.   You go.

{Straight from his Wikipedia bio:  Gregory was assigned by NBC to the press corps covering George W. Bush when he ran for president in 2000. During the campaign, Bush threw a party for Gregory's 30th birthday, complete with cake, on the campaign plane.[17] Bush has nicknamed Gregory "Stretch" because of his height (6'5"),[18] and also "Dancing Man," for Gregory's occasional propensity to display his dance moves.}


Livin' free and just about dyin'...

{I jest with the title for this post, but I was drained by the end of summer work travels...}

Ahhh, New Hampshire.  What can be said? 

Let's just dive into the photos and maybe something poetic will bubble up in my noggin...

Not off to a great start, guys.  My bag came down the carousel a little worse for the wear at Boston Logan...  It was fun lugging that around without a handle!

OK, things were definitely looking up once I got in my rental car and found the good friend I made on my last trip to NH - see this post.  Do you understand the greatness that is coming from this radio station?!  NOBODY plays this song, and that is a crying shame.

Here's the first obligatory cemetery shot from New England - at sunset, no less.  You might remember from my last visit that I called out their abundance in this area.

As I'd anticipated, this trip did involve long work hours and late nights on the site... but most of that didn't happen until the home stretch.  So, there was one evening early on that we got to head over to the seacoast town of Portsmouth.

In my mind, this was quintessential New England...


Seeing a car with a kayak or canoe strapped to the top was an extremely common occurence around the 'Hamp - much akin to seeing a Z71 pick-up truck with a trailer hitched to it in Alabama.  {Bonus points if the car was a Subaru Outback}

Hey, guess what is just beyond that iron gate at the base of the church building?  Cemetery!

Pretty cool sentiments to have etched in stone forever about you, huh?

Good night, Portsmouth!

The rest of these photos were taken around Durham, where the actual job site was located.  Great little town - and I do mean little.  I have to give a shout-out to Young's Restaurant, where we ate lunch almost every day. 

It was like 'Groundhog Day': same waitress, same patrons each time.  Pretty awesome.  If you ordered tea, you had to specify "iced"... otherwise, you got a cup of hot tea.  Who wants that in Summer?  {And as if you needed to even ask - no, they did not have sweet tea.}

Sun setting on the job site... but the work's just getting started!

A glimpse of some of my interiors... I think I can do collages in my sleep now.

It was down to the wire, and it was a relief to finish.

Just as we flew into Boston, so we flew out... but we had time the morning of our flight to see just a pinch of the city - all in the pouring down RAIN.

This picture is funny because of the rain-spattered car window... but can you spy the sign for the 'Cheers' bar?

We lucked up on this place in Cambridge for breakfast:

I'm not kidding when I say they had the best coffee I've ever drank.  Now, I'm sure the rain falling outside and the perfect music they were playing added to that... but it certainly didn't stop me from having 3 cups!

That's my New Hampshire experience, kids.  Anybody else spent time there? 

Tell it.