{life in instagram} - October edition

Bye-bye, October. 

You have to face the facts now: we are entering the last two months of the year, and the holidays are coming.  At warp speed. 

{Commence panic.}

This exact day last year, I was on my way to sunny Arizona.  If you missed that post, you can find it here.  I'd love to go back to those warm temps right now!

OK, let's wave farewell to October with these photos:

:: I could not resist adding my own flavor to this paint color I came across at work... see what I did there?  Doubtful that my co-workers will know what movie this is from, but I put it back in the files as a test, anyway. :)

:: hey little bird outside my window
:: am I coming or going?
:: trick or treat
:: new sheets = best. nap. ever. 
:: sweet auburn
And, since it's Halloween... I'll toss in this throw-back from a Halloween long ago:
Yes, it is I who grins like the jack-o-lantern.
I'm guessing I was about 7 years old here... feathered hair and loose teeth.
That's how I rolled.


Tom Hanks is a funny man

Did you witness the brilliance that was Tom Hanks doing slam poetry about 'Full House' last night on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'?  {Or, as Jimmy was cleverly promoting it yesterday on Twitter - 'Full Hanks'}

Two things right off the bat strike me as SO FUNNY about this:

1 - It's TOM HANKS.  What could the greatest actor of our time {my opinion} possibly know about 'Full House'?! 
2 - There are actually people in this world that perform slam poetry in an unironic way.  They are for real.  {Let that marinate...}   

This is not Tom's first foray into late night comedy gold.  Because of the recent popularity of Honey Boo Boo, I think it's only fitting to bring out this classic 'Toddlers & Tiaras' spoof he filmed for Jimmy Kimmel's show:

Wow... this clip never fails to make me laugh.  He's so convincing! 
So many good moments:
- When he abbreviates 'pageant' to 'pag' -- it kills me EVERY. TIME.
- Spraying her with that water bottle
- Mocking the dance moves during the pageant
I love that he doesn't take himself so seriously, even if he has 2 or 3 Oscars up on his mantel.
Funny guy.


into the great wide open

As is usually the case, this was a quick trip.
The landscape of Colorado was breathtaking, as expected, and the trees all yellow...
A lot of wide open spaces flanked by mountains, some already snow-capped!
Perfect, sunny day to drive these roads...
And then this song comes on:
That is the theme used for 'The Sopranos'.  If you've ever seen the opening credits, it's just Tony Soprano cruising through NY/NJ being his bad self while this song plays.
It made me feel strange.
Cool song, but totally out of place in the Rockies!
That was the view from the hotel while eating breakfast.

And this one, too - close up:

Back on the road...


As I alluded to before, that dry air and high altitude made me a lot more thankful for the humid air of the sweet South!  {I'll have to remind myself of this when July and August come again.}

And of course, my mature self kept thinking of Lloyd and Harry driving to Colorado in 'Dumb & Dumber' the whole time I was in the car...

Oh, you know it's funny!



Before Colorado, let's go back to 10.11.12...

Did you do anything out of the ordinary on this cool date on the calendar?
I went to see the Avett Brothers in concert that night, and it did not disappoint!

It was especially great because I went with my cool cousin, Mary Katherine {aka, "MK" or "Emkay" -- phonics, people}.  To say this girl is talented vocally would be a drastic understatement.  Don't believe me?  Here she is singing with Graham Colton on stage at Workplay:

So, it was really fun to go to this concert of talented musicians with her and see her appreciation for what they do.  She's one to watch, guys!  {And one day, you'll be looking up obscure YouTube videos of her like the one above when she's famous!}

Back to the Avetts...

This is the view from where we sat. 

{Funny side note:  when we got to our actual seats, there were 2 girls already sitting in them, and one of them very matter-of-factly told us she was in the right seats because "this is section 202."  It, in fact, was section 201, but MK and I looked at each other slyly and nodded in agreement, and then promptly booked it over to sit in those girls' seats in section 202, because they were much better seats than ours -- the ones they were sitting in!  SCORE.}

{This is the band up-close... a great photo, just not at this particular show.}

Popular music ebbs and flows in interesting ways, doesn't it?  Who would think that people would be getting down to a banjo and cello in this day?  I took this video to show how much fun the crowd was having...

Here's the set list, as posted by Joe Kwon {the band's cellist} on Twitter:

{By the way, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals put on a stellar opening performance -- so good!}

It was a great night, with good company and good music.  There's not a whole lot that can get me to Tuscaloosa, but this show was well worth it. :)



rocky mountain high

Just got back today from work travels in beautiful Colorado...

My sinuses did not think it was so beautiful.

Oh, you've seen this in media recently and thought it was a promotional poster for the 2nd season of 'AHS'?

WRONG. This is me after 2 days in the dry, dry air of Colorado.

More photos soon... of the mountains, not my funky sinuses.


October sky

Sun setting today on a good weekend...

It always fascinates me how greatly the sky changes over the span of mere minutes during a sunset.  Courtesy of the Creator...


company's coming...

I'll never qualify as a Betty Crocker... but I do try to have a little something prepared for my visitors.
Be it from scratch or a box...
{OK - usually a box!}

Have a good weekend, readers -- all 5 of you.  :)



*Shout-out to Cassidy -- she says she reads my blog. :)


rooster crowing

Columbus Day was observed today. 
This only dawned on me driving home from work, seeing a lot less traffic. 
These are the days I miss working for a financial institution... they are few and far between.

It would have been nice to sleep in this morning!
Now it's starting to get slightly cold, and that warm bed feels good.

With the new iPhone update, you can set your alarm clock to a song in your music library.  This is good news.

Here's what I've been waking up to lately:

The Shakes make it a little more fun to ease into the day... perfect song for the morning.  Especially M-O-N-D-A-Y.

Hang loose, everybody.  Here's to a good GREAT week!


ain't no party like a Scranton party...

I'll be the first to admit it felt like the cast of 'The Office' was phoning it in at times in the last season or two.  A little of the magic died when Michael Scott left the building.  {Hey... that was the pun of a lifetime for any of you avid 'Office'-watchers!}

But I'm happy to see that this 9th {and final} season is nothing short of awesome.  We're only 4 episodes in, and it already has Season 2-caliber story lines and character interaction.  Good, good stuff!  

My mom and I used to have laughing fits on the phone when talking about a previous night's episode of 'The Office' back in its prime... in fact, she's really the one who got me hooked on this show in the first place. {Yeah, my mom is cooler than I am on the pop culture spectrum.  That's a fact.}

Happy Friday, desk jockies! 


lighten up

Want to see some lamps I spray-painted? 

Sure, you do!  I can sense the anticipation.

:: Before
These beauties are solid wood with a nice brass ring at the base.  Completely stylish and modern if you are time-warpin' it back to 1972.
Oh, but so much potential they had.  Aside from the fact that these were about to be thrown out, aka - FREE,  {Hellooo, I'll take those, please - thanks!}, they are also a really great scale at 28" tall.  We're talking some hefty, solid lamps here.
Obviously, the picture above was right before I started the makeover.
I used this spray paint + primer:
Color: Classic Gray / Finish: Gloss

And here's the finished product...

:: After

I really think the dual paint + primer really did the trick.  I didn't do anything special to prepare the surface of the lamps before painting, and the coating turned out super-smooth.  {My sister-in-law says they look ceramic now... I agree!}
I paired the lamps with new shades from... say it with me, now... OLD TIME POTTERY!  {see this post for a refresher}  I favor the contrast of the cool, gray lamps paired with the warm, natural fabric of the shades.  {I know, that is snooze-inducing designer speak... sorry!}
The shades were $12 each, spray spaint was $5... 2 "new" lamps for around $30.  Boom.
Now, if you want to read about cool design projects & ideas from somebody who really knows what she's talking about, you should visit my former boss's blog:
Tiffiany is a really knowledgable designer and is up on all the latest trends, plus she's got some sass, which makes her posts fun to read!  I learned a lot from her in the short time we worked together.  {She's moved on to greener pastures now - ha!}  If you like to follow design, you'll like this blog.