This quote is credited to legendary baseball player Satchel Paige.
It's one I don't recall ever reading before I came across it today.

Now it's got me thinking...
Might have to let this one marinate for a while.

What about you?

{PS - I took this photo in Nashville one weekend.  Bike racks are fun subjects.  The end.}


happy happy happy

First things first:  last night's episode of 'The Office'...!  
It really threw me for a loop.  
I tried to get y'all on board again for the final season at Dunder Mifflin in this post.  Who else is watching?!


So, it's Friday.  Woop-woop.
Fridays are supposed to be good so let's focus on the positive.

Here's a positive:

The morning coffee-drinking ritual... this mug make me happy.
That raised pattern reminds me of the Plinko board from 'The Price is Right'.

Spot-on, right?!
I mean, if there's a drop of coffee weaving its way down the dots on that mug, I automatically see Bob Barker with his skinny microphone cheering on a Plinko player.  
{Sorry, guys... that's how my brain operates before the coffee kicks in.}

Something else that makes me happy?  This bracelet:

My sweet sister-in-law had it made for me for Christmas.
I really love it.  It's made of brass and makes every outfit look better.
It came with a companion bracelet with a cool green stone that you can't see in this photo.
They make neat little clinking sounds when I wear them together. :)
If you like these, she found them on Etsy in this shop.

And that's all I've got.

Go have a happy Friday!
{and weekend, too...}


ready for take-off

Besides my home and the office, the place I probably spend most of my time {or so it would seem in the past year}, is the airport. 

So I was excited to get the chance yesterday to tour the new terminals which are currently under construction at our local airport.

There are a lot of innovative and just plain cool design features in the new space...

And we even got to walk through the underbelly of the facility where the new baggage handling system is located...

Such a vast improvement... can't wait to start traveling through this nice, new space!




It's Inauguration Day.  

No matter what side of the fence you reside on politically, you have to feel some sense of amazement at the pomp and circumstance surrounding this day in our nation's capital... the deeply traditional swearing-in ceremony, the festive parade down the streets of DC, and the sight of American flags waving proudly.

When I consider the greatness of our country comprised of such diversity in landscape and citizens, I often think about the photography of Carol M. Highsmith.  Not only has she photographed all 50 of the United States, but she has donated her hundreds of thousands of images to the Library of Congress completely copyright-free.  

Talk about generosity and the American spirit...

This is a screen shot straight from her website.

Do yourself an incredible favor and visit her site, or go directly to her LOC Archive and search through the photos.
Take in the images of our nation...
She captures it beautifully.

* All images seen here are courtesy of  Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, photographs by Carol M. Highsmith *

"Ice Cold Pop" sign and American flag advertised on Route 66, Seligman, Arizona

Fort McHenry, the place where Francis Scott Key observed that the "flag was still there" and wrote the words to "The Star-Spangled Banner" following an engagement with the invading British during the War of 1812. Baltimore, Maryland

Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery, Alabama

Korean War Memorial, Washington, D.C

Aerial view of the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate Bridge, showing Fort Point beneath this southern portal

City of the Dead, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Old State House was the center of political activity of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Boston, Massachusetts

Barn, rural Montana

Public Market Center, Seattle, Washington

And these last few are pretty neat - if only to me - because they are of my hometown...

Historic buildings in Camden, Alabama

Gravestone in an historic cemetery, Camden, Alabama

Historic buildings in Camden, Alabama

Thank you for these treasured American images, Ms. Highsmith.


sight for sore eyes

Look what finally returned this morning, y'all!

Hope you got a big helping of Vitamin D today...

Happy Friday.


big flakes

The white stuff came down today in Birmingham.

I was at work...

You may recall when I scored this silver dog at an antiques store not long ago.  He's kind of my office mascot now.  And since we were the only 2 around today, I thought he'd like a better view of the snow.  {I mean, he looks like a St. Bernard, right?  Natural habitat, people.}

This is what it looked like when I left the office...

Incidentally, the 2-mile route home took a whopping 30 minutes to complete because, you know, SNOW!  MASS HYSTERIA!  HOW DO YOU STEER A CAR?!

Really hoping that glorious sun reemerges tomorrow.
Pretty sure I saw it on a milk carton this week.



So I've mentioned my admiration for all things letterpress in a previous post or two, and I also referenced hatch posters in the last post.

I really love this medium and thought I'd share some of my favorites I've found lately on the WWW...

{Did you know the Country Music Hall of Fame is home to one of the oldest working letterpress print shops in America?  I did not, until I started looking around for these gems... then I realized that most of the ones I liked are from their Hatch Show Print.  You can check out and even buy their cool designs here.}

And, of course I found these delights on Etsy...

Hatch posters serve as a great design solution by adding color to otherwise bland walls in a space... just frame 'em up and make a cool gallery.

Doesn't really matter if you attended the featured event if it makes your room look good.  :)


what meets the eye

I subscribe wholeheartedly to the above statement. 

That's because I'm not a photographer.
I just really, really, really like to take pictures.

As in, I may see a bright orange, weathered bench while driving down the road, wish I could snap a photo of it... keep driving... then stop/turn around 3 miles down the road and drive back to that orange bench so I can give it proper due in photographic form.  I just have to get the picture -- it's a rush.

{Or, maybe it's just OCD.}

The point is, sometimes the picture turns out great, sometimes it doesn't.
I don't stress out about using the best form {or even camera, for that matter} or getting the best shot... because half the fun comes later when I sit down and edit my photographs.  That's the beauty of digital photography.  You can create an entirely new work from the original picture.

Case in point:

This picture turns into...

... a kind of pseudo hatch poster with vivid colors and a vast sky.

If you like the outcome of your edited photos and the process makes you happy, then that's really enough, isn't it?

It's all in how you see it. 


today is Tuesday

Three facts that I learned in the journey that was today:

+ It was really, really hot in Australia today -- as in 122 degrees. 

{Can you imagine celebrating Christmas in the heat of summer?}

+ You can get 2 bologna biscuits at Jack's for $1.99 -- saw it declared on the marquee with my very own eyes!

{I did not know there even was such a biscuit... will probably pass on that deal.}

+ Buckingham Palace is advertising for a washer-up {aka - dish washer}... you must be willing to travel with the Royal Family for around $19k a year.  Rough.

{Hmmm... this is poor timing for me to get this news, considering my current state of 'Downton Abbey' stupor.  Sounds like fun to me!}

So, anyway...

Pretty sure this is going to be the longest week ever.


new year, new finds

OK - I'll move on from 'Downton', but I do have to pause for one minute...

{season 2 spoiler alert}

 Farewell, good William Mason
{Of course, my favorite character would be killed off within 10 episodes}
Yes, I did catch up on all episodes and watched the season 3 premier last night.  Delightful.
So, other than the 'DA', here are some things that have been catching my attention lately...
:: Portlandia
Currently watching season 2 on Netflix...
It's just so weird/funny in an 'Arrested Development' kind of way.
Laughs will ensue.
:: Sicily Eason on etsy
I'm a big fan of letterpress, and these fun cards are no exception.
More of their work can be found in the shop...
Lots of smart designs and vivid colors.  Win, win!
{By the way, I've decided that blogs are a good place for incomplete sentences and grammatical errors in every way if you hadn't already noticed from this post.  Welcome!}
:: Silver Linings Playbook
Saw this movie over the holiday downtime... liked it very much.
{I know, I know... this is adapted from a probably-even-better book, OK?}
It's hard to explain how they took the very real issue of a mental health problem and transformed it into something not-so-scary, actually adding in elements of comedy.
Robert De Niro was so good in this, in a way you've never really seen him before.  Kind of caught me off guard.
Thumbs up from me.
Grape Twizzlers.
Apparently, these are not new to the market but are a limited edition.
I saw them for the first time during the holidays in Walgreens -- they definitely caught my attention, but I don't have the fortitude to try them.
What if they are really great, y'all?!
I'm just such a fan of the old classic strawberry, barely edible, waxy version.
Let me know if you've had these.
There you have it.
Randomness is my specialty. 


I should really be reading

Wow.  So much love in that last post for "The DA"! {as my friend Elizabeth called it}

I've just finished Season 1. 
I may be adopting a British accent at this point.

Additional thoughts:
- William is officially my favorite character.
- Mary is STILL a great big piece of work.

Moving on for now...

Projects are fun to dream up at the start of a new year, right?

I've been thinking about this one for a while... mostly because I love to read and am usually mad at myself for not doing just that more often.

{You know - instead of watching 'Downton Abbey' for HOURS ON END!}

Anyway, I think about all the great movies I've seen that are based on much greater books... and I'd like to go back and actually read some of them.

Here are the ones I've thought of so far that I'd like to tackle:

{All book cover images courtesy of Wikipedia / wikimedia}

:: Big Fish | Daniel Wallace

:: Friday Night Lights | H.G. Bissinger

:: The Outsiders | S.E. Hinton

:: Bridget Jones's Diary | Helen Fielding

:: High Fidelity | Nick Hornby

That's as far as I've gotten. 
Am I going to track my progress on the blog?  Maybe so...  

I just need to get back to Downton first.  :)