So, the thing about being a grown-up {and I use that term loosely for myself} and having a job is that sometimes you have to attend continuing education units, or CEU's, to maintain certain professional accreditation and keep said job.

{It is as thrilling as it sounds, I assure you.}

Yesterday was one of those days I had to attend some CEU's, but the setting was actually pretty cool: the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville.  I'd never been there, which is shameful, being a life-long resident of Alabama.

Between sessions, I snapped some photos of the exhibits...

It was neat to see all of that history up close.

And on the way back home, heading down the interstate, the clouds broke, the sun started shining and the Traveling Wilburys came on the radio -- all in the same instant.  That totally made the drive worth it.

I love field trips.


nephew time

Not only did I watch an awesome documentary this past weekend, but I also got to hang out with this sweet face two days in a row:

{See... with weekends like that, why would I be jazzed about Monday's arrival?!}

He doesn't stay in one spot for long... 

He's pretty curious about what I'm up to as well...

And there's always bound to be a wardrobe change in the mix...

This is his "I'm mesmerized by Mickey Mouse" {on TV} look...

Just a handsome little guy in his Sunday best...

That's my Graham.


snapshot of a life

This past weekend, I stumbled on a really great documentary in my Netflix instant queue - 'Bill Cunningham New York':

Forget the fact that the focal point is fashion.
This is more about Bill, his camera, his life.

Taking photographs IS his life.  Every, single day.

He's over 80 years old.
He was drafted in World War II.
And he has a passion to wake up every day and capture what people choose to wear on the streets of New York -- not the runways.

Bill doesn't own a TV.
He doesn't care much for fine dining.
The blue jackets that have become his uniform are actually the same ones issued to street sweepers in Paris.  {He likes the pockets.}
He goes to church every Sunday.

This is his basic philosophy:

It goes without saying, he gets paid to do this for The New York Times.
But you get the sense from the film that Bill would still do this whether he got a check or not.  

In his own words here, we get the real story on his life and career.  I think the greatest anecdote is when he's given a camera along with this advice: '''Here, use it like a notebook.'' And that was the real beginning.'

And I believe Bill is exactly on point with this statement: 'I think fashion is as vital and as interesting today as ever. I know what people with a more formal attitude mean when they say they're horrified by what they see on the street. But fashion is doing its job. It's mirroring exactly our times.'

Sounds like somebody found their calling.


it's only a day

Oh, Monday... are we ever going to be friends?

Oh, well... at least it's inspired some good music:


Hang in there, homies!



A trace of Valentine's still hanging around the office...

The tail end of a highway sunset this weekend...

Leftovers can be good sometimes.


it's approaching...

Valentine's Day:  you either love it or fall into the other camp.
I happen to love it.

And I love even more the cards that come with it.  {I think that started early on when we made our own brown bags with construction paper hearts glued on them mailboxes in elementary school, and each person brought a Valentine for everyone in the class.}  Sigh.

Here's a round-up of some of my favorite modern-day Valentine's cards found on Etsy...

And have you seen the LOVE stamp from the US Postal Service for this year?

Go get a set of these stamps, and mail some cards!
Real mail is the best.  

There's still time.  :)

happppppy friday. 


a good indication

Imagine my surprise when I looked back and saw this car trailing behind me the other day...

... and my first thought was, "Oh, Lady Edith must be out for her driving lesson."

So, that's when you know you MIGHT think about 'Downton Abbey' a bit too much.

Happy Friday Eve.



The weekend seems distant now...

It was one of those with nothing planned... and sometimes you just need those, right?
Target and church are about the only places I went.
Found a cute new pillow... on clearance.  Holla.
I made salsa.
The only productive thing I did was file my taxes.  {That's what the wine was for - ha!}

I did not even watch the Super Bowl.  {Criminal, I know.}
I felt very meh about the whole event -- commercials, Beyonce, all of it.
Then I realized I have a subconscious dislike for the Super Bowl as a whole, because of its heavy ties to Pepsi.
No thank you.  Not a fan.

Besides, 'Downton Abbey' was on.  Priorities, people.
It's not like it was college football.

I also watched this movie:

It's Wes Anderson.  You have to go into it knowing there will be large doses of quirk.
I enjoyed it.  Humorous moments... Sam the scout was wise beyond his years.
Loved the bright colors.

Fact: slow-paced weekends are good for the brain.