The name Dalton Ghetti might not ring a bell, but I'd bet you've seen his work and didn't know it.  Ever gotten an e-mail featuring photos of amazingly detailed pencil lead carvings?

That's Dalton.

This one's my personal favorite...

You can check out more of his creations here

Prepare to be amazed.


free at last

So... how's everybody making it since the time changed on Sunday?
It can be rough.
I, for one, was not all that excited to see Daylight Saving Time arrive.
I prefer for it to be dark when I go to bed... which is about 8:00.
True story.

{I would have fared well in the days of no electricity.  Sun's down?  No problem -- go to bed!}

Anyway, that's not what this post is about.
The miracle of all miracles has happened this week!

See this CD?

Obvious questionable taste in music aside, this CD was stuck in my car's disc player for no less than one year, possibly longer... UNTIL THIS WEEK!

That's right.  I decided to test the fates once more, and push the 'Eject' button, and that beautiful sound of the disc sliding out was heard for the first time in a very long time.

Maybe I should chalk it up to my recent visit to the Grotto... hmmmm.

Or the new Pope.


faith on the road

When I found myself traveling up I-65 a couple of weeks ago, I passed the exit I'd seen a hundred times before for the Ave Maria Grotto.  

I remember, as a child, looking through old photos taken by my grandparents a long time ago when they'd visited this attraction, and  I didn't understand much about it other than it was completely unique and had something to do with the Catholic faith.  And it was in Cullman, Alabama.

So, I decided this would be the day I'd finally take a detour and see it for myself...

The sun was shining, and I had the grounds to myself. 
It was awesome just to walk around, clear my head, and get some shots of all the monuments.

It was all very serene.

Then I happened upon this...

{Just making herself at home there...}

So, back to the tour...

{This photo gives you an idea of the huge undertaking this was to create.  Also, if you look closely you can still see Kitty!  Meow.}

Go see it for yourself if you ever get the chance.

The grounds are beautiful.  And there's a gift shop.



This is a calendar on my desk at work...

When I look at it, I'm reminded to stay on task.  Hard to do some days.

But I should work in a way that allows me to wholly say at the end of each day...
'I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.' - 2 Timothy 4:7

Here's to a productive week!



Go forth and have a gooooooood one...

PS - Happy March!