a jam for you

It's Friday.  This requires good music.

{video embedded here for you subscribers - come on over!}

Not a new song... but a good one.

{Good video, too -- wow, the cinematography!}



two things

1.)  Hey, remember this photo I took on my way back from Arizona? *

Well, I turned it into this cool graphic, just playing around with fotoflexer:

* {Guys, I have to come clean and let you know I'm only 70% sure that is actually Dallas... it could be Ft. Smith, Arkansas for all I know -- but I think Dallas is a good guess.  There, I feel better.  And the graphic still looks pretty sweet!}

2.)  Tonight is the very last episode of 'The Office'.  EVER.  That's hard to believe... and I'm a little bummed.

For funsies, you should create an acronym using your name and all of your greatest characteristics, just like DWIGHT.  

Happy Friday Eve!


weekend snaps

I had some great help in the kitchen on Saturday...

He was really enthusiastic about the dishwasher.  Think we'll try garbage duty next time.

On Sunday, we went out to celebrate his sweet mommy...

... "Oh, get whatever you like, Aunt Sarah Harper.  It's on me!"

He's a keeper. 


yo mama

Shout-out to my mom...

... who still looks at me like this on a regular basis, as if I've lost my mind.


That's love.  Glad she's mine.


color here, color there

I call this 'Color Study in iPhone Pictorial'...

Just kidding - that would be lame.  

These are just rand-o pictures from my surroundings lately with a heavy emphasis on fun colors.

I've been eyeing the Hive vases from west elm for a long time... finally caved and got this one in watermelon.

Trying some new foods... this is Swiss chard, but you all probably knew that already.  I had to Google it before I went to the grocery store.  {True story.}  Also, that leaf is bigger than my head -- that's a bread knife beside it. 

Aqua shoe laces... you dig?

This little guy hangs out on my kitchen window sill... a fun gift from my friend Brit.  {It's actually a gigantic eraser by Jonathan Adler, whom I've mentioned here before.}

Yes, I really use these.  They remind me of my Granny.

So, how long was everyone going to hold out on me about this peppermint tea?!  This stuff could very well be the cure-all for any sort of malady.  It's just so comforting and smells soooo good.  I'm a fan.

I heart color.