ten thirty-one

First of all, props to SNL for this spot-on Halloween spoof.  And double props to Edward Norton for his Owen Wilson impression.  You'll get a grin out of this if you're familiar with the quirk effect of Wes Anderson. {as I've previously mentioned here}

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So, it's the last day of October... yowza.  Can't even believe it.  Hard to acknowledge it.  'Tis true, though, so here's a look at the pumpkins around my house, pronouncing a very non-spooky Halloween!

 {Technically, that little green guy is not a pumpkin, but I think he'll pass... he'll be out all year round.} :)

Halloween always reminds me of one very special thing my mom used to make for us this time of year when we were little.  She'd take cookie dough and spread it out in a pizza pan and bake it.  Then she'd mix food coloring and come up with orange icing, which was always a fascinating process to watch.  The icing went on top, and then she made jack-o-lantern eyes, nose, & mouth out of coordinating M&M colors -- all comprised, it was a big, edible pumpkin face!  Keep in mind this was before the big cookie-cake craze, and you can trust I didn't know that Great American Cookie Company even existed, growing up in a very tiny town.  It was such a treat and made with a lot of love.

So, that's what I think about on Halloween.  That, and my awesome Cyndi Lauper costume I concocted in first grade.  

Have a fun day. :)  


from above

I was inspired to snap a photo while tossing up this inflatable orange ball with my nephew over the weekend... the contrast was pretty striking with the blue sky {and my chipped nail polish}.  

The cool thing is that God knew I'd delight in this view... the colors, the fresh air.  He's always giving us seemingly tiny gifts like this every, single day if we just look around and relish them.  I greatly need to remind myself of that often.

You find the following verse(s) a lot on birth announcements, but read them now and think about the magnitude of these words in a very ordinary moment of any given day...

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.  He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all He created." | James 1:17-18 

We are important to Him... more than we can imagine.  He reminds us of this daily, if we'll just look and listen.


color 101

I know selecting paint colors can be a difficult task for some of you out there... there are soooooo many choices, right?!   Even though it's something I do on a fairly regular basis for my job, it can still be tricky to find just the right shade your client's going to get on board with.  {Oddly enough, when I'm picking paint colors for my own house, I make that decision with very little hesitation -- probably because I change things up so often, I figure I can live with a color for a couple of years with no remorse!}

With some recent projects, I've been introduced to what has become my go-to color from Sherwin-Williams for a really great, basic neutral that truly lives up to its name:

Keep in mind the digital representation here is not true to form.  In person, it's lighter but reads more like a warm gray -- but not too warm that it turns into taupe.  It can play cool, too... it really is amazing and adaptable to most spaces, no matter the design scheme.  I've started relying on this color as my overall wall color and throwing in accent walls at different intervals.  

Just for fun, here are my two favorite paint colors as of late:

I haven't used these anywhere yet, but they're pretty fun, right?

I found this image of a pretty perfect vignette featuring all 3 colors:

This is a good reminder that you can {and should!} bring color in through accessories & artwork -- not just the walls!  That's tip number one from a renter such as I. 

Now go paint something!


vase value

Remember my little vase from the last post?

It quickly found a new home on my freshly spray-painted end table at home... gold, no less! :)

Next time you go to the grocery store, just grab one bunch of jumbo mums for $7.  They are an instant morale-booster no matter the condition of your house.  It doesn't have to look like a magazine for you to enjoy some blooms!

Have a mum-tastic Monday.  {and some wine with that cheeeeeese}



The term "vintage" gets thrown around a little loosely {in my opinion} when retailers describe old wares they have for sale.  Let's be honest -- sometimes it's just junk.  But even old junk can be revived from an aesthetic point, if not in function.

I cruised through my favorite vintage wares store {hee, hee} not long ago and spied several treasures I would have loved to give new life to... some were great just as they were.

Want to see?

These little green goblets caught my eye right away.  They'd amp up any table setting!

This is a brass king-size headboard, and I know some of you are thinking it should go right back to the shag carpet-infested 1970's lair it came out of.  Brass/gold can be really striking and it's showing up a lot lately in contemporary design.  {If you're really adventurous, you could test your welding skills and transform this into some sort of hanging art piece.}  I can totally envision this in a modern bedroom, maybe with a navy accent wall... something like this:

I wanted this painting because it reminds me of a house in my hometown.

This lamp is tiny, maybe 7 inches tall.  I love the texture on it... I'd probably spray paint it, though. :) 

This sign had to be cast iron -- I could not lift it off the table.  I thought it was so cool, though.  I love incorporating tangible objects like this in my home decor that have no personal meaning to me.

This little table is perfection.  That marble top... so great.  And those scalloped wood edges.  Guess what?  I'd most definitely paint the base gold.  {I can't help myself!}

All this needs is a little love... recover the cushion and... say it with me... SPRAY PAINT the base, and it becomes a new piece in a completely different style, if you wish.  

I just thought these were clever.  Potential met.

I don't necessarily love this table, but it reminded me of something that would be found in the bomb shelter home in that move 'Blast From the Past'... and it's one of my favorite movies.  {Not ashamed.}

Oh, and see that cool metal-trimmed tray sitting on top?  It's tag was labeled "vintage", of course, and priced around $30 if I remember correctly.  I turned over the tray and it had an old stick-on dollar store price tag of 99 cents on it.  Give me a break.

How awesome is this piece?  The clean lines, the brass hardware... I can barely take it all in.

Original. brass. hardware.  She's a beaut, Clark.

Wandering through stores like this is my go-to for design inspiration and head-clearing. :)  And I didn't come away empty-handed on this day... I bought that little bulbous turquoise vase sitting on the cabinet above.

Now you know.


because you're worth it

"Parks and Recreation"... do you watch it?

I do.  And I think it's really funny.

Case in point, with apologies for the poor quality of this video:

{embedded video here for you e-mail subscribers... click on over!}

I mean... when else can you be a cashmere velvet candy cane?


Apparently I'm not the only who gets a chuckle from Tommy-Tom and Donna's self-indulgent shenanigans.  Look at all this fanciful fare I found on Etsy ...

If I was participating in TREAT. YO. SELF. 2013, these would be my splurges:

So, do you have a special day of the year {or week, or month} that you treat yo' self to something out of the ordinary?  I think you should!


color + jam

Just a few photos left over from the summer that I particularly favored but didn't find their way into a blog post...

I love the colors in all of these.

 Pool time, glorious pool time.  All right, all right, all right...

 Can't beat a good moleskin notebook.  I'll take them all, please.

In the alley behind our Tucson property... seems about right.

And in other news... Pearl Jam has a new song.  
And it's high on my list of current favorites.  {Don't panic - we did not just time warp back to 1993.  I mean, you wouldn't be reading this if that were the case.  Duh, no internet!}

For your listening pleasure and a happy Friday, I present 'Sirens'...


flowers for your Friday

I went home last weekend, where you would have thought it was springtime.

There were beautiful flowers all over the yard, and the weather was amaaaaaaaazing... with no pollen to battle!

I had to capture these pretty blooms to share with you...

Guys, still trying to get that sharper bee!  Bzzzzzzzz.

My mom is THE best at creating simple, lovely flower arrangements from just about anything in the yard.  
Zinnias + milk glass = timeless.

I also indulged in a little hammock time.  {STOP!  Hammock time...}
It. Was. Heavenly.

And that is just what I wish for you - a heavenly weekend!



the park

Not long ago, I had the pleasure of tagging along to the park with my nephew Graham and his parentals.

He played it pretty cool on the ride over...

But he couldn't hide his enthusiasm once we got there...

Pure joy.  No fear.

And always time to take an important call.

This boy plays {and sweats} hard.