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Hello, pilgrims. 

{Lame pun straight out of the shoot... I'm on fire today!}

Sooo.  Everyone ready for the Thanksgiving celebration?  I have been pretty busy lately, so I'm looking forward to some down time and being with family.

I set out on a trip with my mama to Virginia via Kentucky to spend some time with her sisters a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't take many photos.  {I was driving... A LOT.}  The mountains of West Virginia are serious business... curvy roads galore.  Brilliant scenery. 

I snapped this photo as we were leaving out of Louisville on a sunny day:

And this photo will be peculiar to most...

... but this is one of the glasses my Granny used to have in her home.  The set has a new home with my aunt in Louisville now, and I couldn't be happier about that.  When we got there and she asked if I wanted my drink in a "Granny glass", I didn't know what she meant at first.  Then I saw that textured turquoise glass and instantly thought of all the times I'd seen these washed and dried and served at my grandparents' home in North Carolina.  Don't you love the texture of the glass?  They are nothing fancy, I'm sure.  But they are treasures nonetheless.  {and Diet Coke just tastes better in them, without a doubt}
Since the trip, I've been furiously planning for Thanksgiving at my house.  Yep, I'm hosting this year.  Granted, there will only be three of us, but that still involves serious effort... at least that's what I've been telling myself.
Exhibit A:

The grocery list before the actual grocery list.  I don't play around when it comes to grocery shopping, and that is only out of my general disdain for having to go to the grocery store -- I want to spend as little time in there as possible.  So, in an effort to achieve that, here's my mad method:  I just start writing everything down that I know I'll need.  Then I color code each item per section of the grocery store {as seen above}... that gets generated into the final list which is written out by section.  You'd better believe I cross off each item as I put it in the basket.  Crazy?  OCD?  Sure.  But it preserves my sanity and keeps me on track.

Side note:  to further streamline my time in the grocery store this week, I chose to go after 7PM on an early week night.  This was a good move, as the store was not crowded in the least -- especially since it was pouring down rain.  {Oh well, you gotta compromise somewhere!}  However, I've learned now that maybe they put the B Team baggers in the game during these last few hours of operation, because I'm here to tell you -- I had no less than 45 plastic bags of groceries when it was all said and done.  We're talking this guy put a single block of cream cheese in one bag.  OH, THE HUMANITY!  {*first-world problem alert*}  Thank you, Lord, for feeding me.

I did a trial run with some Fall foliage/Thanksgiving d├ęcor last week, because I felt like my large Hive vase was begging for some autumn leaves.  I took my clippers to the trees out my front door and just stuck the branches in the vase...

It was beautiful and lively for 2 days... then all brown and crinkly.  I didn't add water or anything.  I just wanted to experiment and see how long the color would last.  Now I know.  And now all the leaves are gone from the trees.  So, back to the drawing board!


I know Thanksgiving can promote an "interesting", shall we say, dynamic among families when everyone is gathered together for more than 24 hours.  I read this post by Russell D. Moore {he's a great follow, by the way -- wise, in touch, and quick-witted} earlier in the week and thought I'd share with any of you interested in a "few quick thoughts on what followers of Jesus ought to remember, especially if you’ve got a difficult extended family situation."  I got more out of it in a broad sense of dealing with people in general on a daily basis from a Gospel perspective.  Humbling.

Now, remember to mind your manners and enjoy your Thanksgiving in style, kind of like this fellow I got behind on the drive to work last week...

Vanity plates for the win!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


not cool

Guys.  Did you see the news that the FCC is moving towards allowing cell phone use during flights?  It's enough to bring you to your knees.  I travel quite frequently by air, and let me tell you... I relish the forced quiet that comes with people being cut off from their cell phones.  It's a treat.  

I mean, it's bad enough now that you can't even walk through a grocery store without hearing someone recap their recent appointment at the podiatrist to someone on the other end of their phone... can you imagine not being able to get away from that when you're stuck in a metal tube flying through the air?!

I weep at the prospect.

Ahhh, air travel.  You are the ultimate Catch-22.

Which brings me to sharing this very funny feature on The 15 Types of Travelers You Always See at the Airport.  {as always, I preface this by telling you to tread lightly when this link takes you to Buzzfeed... I can't vouch for the purity of other features on this site}

If you spend a lot of time in airports like I do, you'll enjoy this.  And for the record, I am without a doubt Traveler type #11 - The Survivalist.  I think that is an actual photo of my trail mix in the linked article. :)

It's a jungle out there.  Travel smart, friends.


lookin' around

Just some random observations from the past few weeks in my world...

I stopped in my tracks when I saw this in the grocery store the other day.  Was horse shampoo a thing when you were in school?  Mane 'n Tail was ALLLLLLL the rage at some point when I was in middle school.  Girls would go to the farm co-op and buy this stuff!  Again:  it's horse shampoo.

Do any of you struggle with this snake in your desk drawer, too?  I speak of the staple remover... I'd love to know if the original design was fashioned after a snake's fangs.  Because that is precisely what it feels like EVERY SINGLE TIME I attempt to use this thing and inadvertently stab myself.  Never fails.

What are we delivering here?  Sketch.

I would probably retch if I calculated my total lifetime investment that's gone into the purchase of contact lens solution.  But, hey... free lens cases with every bottle!  Totally worth it.  {Is the sarcasm translating here?

I had a meeting on a college campus this week, and these cats were hanging out right next to the main administrative building -- kind of bizarre.  Anyone know where this might be?  Now they could use that MANE N' TAIL!

Hey-oooooo.  The jokes -- I got 'em.

And with that, I'll bid you a happy Friday Eve.


be you

{source unknown}

Feelin' this lately... in a reformed overachiever kind of way.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.  Just do the best you can. :)


And just like that...

... October's over.

I knocked over the bowl.  No surprise there!

Happy Friday, all.  Happy November.