Are you all officially in the Christmas vortex now?!
Crazy how this time of year just piles up with busyness.
And the shopping... oh, the shopping.  And the TRAFFIC.
As you may recall from last year, I do not relish getting in the crowds and doing my shopping the week of Christmas.  No, no.  I live by an oath to get any in-store shopping done prior to December and any purchases after that are made online.  I feel such a sense of brain cell preservation when I plan ahead like this.  I know we're not all wired that way, and to those of you who love going to the mall at the height of the season, GOOD FOR YOU.  Meanwhile, I'll be avoiding any malls as if there were greeters at every entrance spraying aerosol cans full of the ebola virus.  MERRY, MERRY!

I am looking forward to some extended downtime over the holiday, coming off of the busiest work season of my life.  I am going to watch movies, stare at my Christmas tree, and do very little else.

Maybe I'll squeeze in a few more posts before year's end.
I want to go on some photography excursions, too.

H A P P Y   C H R I S T M A S  !



{ sighhhhhhh. }

Long time, no type?  Or something like that.  Heaping amounts of work these past few months = very few blog posts.  

{Is it really Christmas?  Has Thanksgiving passed already?}

So, here are some flashes, or glimpses, of the minutia of life around here lately accompanied by my random commentary.

You have to scoop up opportunities when they come your way, guys.  
And they're real cheap at HomeGoods right now.  
Great stocking stuffers.

Yes, it is Christmastime.  And packages are going out.
How annoying are these styrofoam peanuts?  
They can get away from you FAST.
But they're fun to photograph.
And now they are on the UPS truck and will be someone else's nemesis.
Hashtag glad tidings.

The aforementioned heap of work has been much more tolerable when accompanied by Christmas movies!
First up was 'Miracle on 34th Street' - my favorite.
Another night was 'White Christmas'.

On the subject, what is your favorite movie to watch this time of year?
True confession:  I watched 'It's a Wonderful Life' all the way through for the first time in my life only LAST YEAR.
And that was because nothing else was on TV.
This movie has always made me feel weird.
It's dark, right?
But I know it has a redeeming message.
It is my brother's favorite, and he has washed his hands of me now since I expressed my thoughts on this film to him.

And while we are talking movies, have you seen 'Adventures in Babysitting'?  
I also watched it this week while chipping away at the heap.
It really is the quintessential {slightly cheesy} 80's movie, and I love it.
The music used in the film is FANTASTIC, too.
Whoever constructed that soundtrack should be applauded - it still holds up.

A piece of chocolate in the afternoon never hurts anybody's feelings.
And yes, a Post-It can be used as a plate in a pinch.
Side note:  the Crunch bar is highly under-rated.  
Rice + chocolate = good.

I've also been receiving packages lately, as is normal around this time of year.
But let me tell you the most anticipated item I got this week was in that Amazon box...

I am serious.  Not a hippie.
But this stuff helps when my brain won't turn off at night.
I take this every night in the summer when my travel is at its peak.
And it's been great lately with the extra workload.
Just putting this out there, if you need sleep help without meds.

Now, you want to know who doesn't need anything to calm down?


I took this last time I was home after I caught him just hanging out all by himself in the hammock.
This was not staged, y'all.
He's chill.

See that tail? 

And I just snapped this while waiting on some take-out one night.
I like the composition here and think the lighting is dramatic.
This restaurant gets it right with their interiors and branding.
They get it really wrong with that evil multi-flavor Coke machine lurking in the background, though.
Does anyone like these things?!
Frustration nation when there are 15 people in line for a drink.
Because the ice is in the same machine.  Ahhhhh!
And inevitably, there will always be a little kid mixing all 100 flavors together.
In front of you in the line.
I love Coca-Cola.
But I'm not fond of these machines.

And if that's all I have to complain about, then it's going to be a merry Christmas.  :)

On a positive note, I'm watching a college basketball game as I type this.
I love the sound of the squeaky sneakers on the court.
And I'm happy that the season is in full swing now.
For whatever reason, it signals wintertime to me and being cozy.

And on that note, I'll wrap it up.

Happy weekend to all.


you too

Jimmy Fallon has done so many things on his show(s) that I adore, but this may be my favorite...

Who else would do that?!  And so well?

H A P P Y   F R I D A Y .


some things

Tuesday night seems about right to share another round of randomness, huh?

Here goes.

I am not afraid of the end piece on a loaf of bread.  
Nay, I almost prefer it.
Is that weird?
I know people who will leave the heel {as some call it} in the bag and just reach past it every time to get a "real" piece of bread.

I was in a very old building today, and this was the tile floor in one area.
The shape, the abundance of natural lighting, the shadows.
I didn't even notice the cracks and dirt.
What a timeless design -- people pay big money for this look now.

Whenever I see a Mt. Olive jar, I always think of my Granny's house in North Carolina.
We never sat down to a meal at her kitchen table when there wasn't a jar of Mt. Olive pickles right there.  
I love the citron top and its cute, homey design.  
And I miss my Granny especially around this time of year.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, this would be a great dessert option for you to make next week.
My mom and I tried this recipe the last time I was home, and it is so delicious and easy -- just like the card says.
You should know that this actually produces enough filling for two pies.
And we substituted a regular flaky pie crust for a graham cracker one.
{P.S. - I believe there will be a fountain flowing with sweetened condensed milk in Heaven.  But for now, hashtag DIABEETUS.}

OK, real talk.
This is my TV.
It is old, but it works.
It might be older than some of you reading this.
But it makes me laugh, because it is so old it can't keep up with current day formatting!
See there in the top left corner?  I never know the score of a football game.

So, who else has pulled out the trusty thermal blanket for your bed now that Winter has come knocking?
Is there anything more comforting than that standard-issue manila bundle of cotton warmth?
This bed is very hard to get out of in the mornings.



Fall in photos

Some shots from a recent, relaxing Fall afternoon... 

To know that this beauty is only a taste of what is to come, by the hands of our Creator...  that is encouraging.  


Orange you glad it's Friday?

Happy Halloween / oh-my-stars, it is November now / seriously... Christmas already?!

Oh yeah... and Happy Friday.

I'm not a member of the Pumpkin Spice {fill-in-the-blank ANYTHING} fan club at all.
Except, in the very abstract sense that I do enjoy a good punch of orange in the color palette around my abode.

Enter this cute little box I found at Homegoods not long ago...

It adds an additional punch of color that my coffee table was begging for, and wouldn't you know -- it hides all three of my remote controls perfectly?!  That's what we call a win-win.

And for good measure, a bowl of candy corn never hurt anybody in the Fall decor department...

Got your Christmas list made yet?



penny for your thoughts... or not

This popped up in my In-box last week...


Alrighty then, Hampton.  Glad we had this talk.


quack quack

So, I've been watching early episodes of 'The Cosby Show' lately.

I think this ritual started a few months ago when I realized Amazon had taken all the black-and-white seasons of 'Andy Griffith' out of their Prime programs {read: free}, so I was left to find an equally wholesome/soothing/light-hearted show to watch when I can't sleep.

I'd forgotten how great 'The Cosby Show' is, and it makes me very nostalgic.
The 1980's... what can you say, right?

I won't linger on that broad subject, but what has struck me as funny is seeing the decor on the set of this show.

Case in point, these brass duck head bookends were a prominent fixture in the Huxtable household in the 1980's:

So I laughed when I went into a flea market/antiques store last week and saw these:

Don't they look like they were kidnapped right off of Cliff's desk there and have been held hostage the last 30 years next to those Danish butter cookies?  I can't say that this is an unusual sight, though... I would estimate that in 8 out of 10 stores that I frequent like this, there is at least one pair of brass duck head bookends.

What is old is new again, right?


random round-up

Here's a handful of random happenings/thoughts in my world lately...

Who are these people waiting between the hours of 8am and 4pm to answer your questions about travel-size tissues?  Pray tell!  Doesn't this intrigue you at all?  Nearly every consumer product has a phone number listed on their packaging... have you ever called one?  I mean, I picture these people sitting at a card table with a rotary phone somewhere in North Dakota.  I'm sure that's not the case at all, but this is where my mind goes.

Frozen red grapes taste as close to candy {without actually being candy} as you can get.  Try them.  Like them.

Yeah, I strike again in the klutz department.  Oh, you know... just trying to put out the flame of a candle whilst brushing my teeth.  Multitasking at its most brilliant.  Now I have a trail of candle wax on my dresser top to battle with!  Wonder if those nice people waiting by the phone in North Dakota have a solution for removing this?

The end.


all the fabric

Well, they've done it again.  

I think it has been well-documented here that I enjoy a trip to the Old Time Pottery.  More specifically, I love their selection of castaway designer fabrics, which I first mentioned here.  Funny that I wrote about Jonathan Adler's fun style in that post, because guess what I found when I went to OTP this past weekend?  Fabrics designed by none other than Jonathan Adler, of course.

And they also had several from the Dwell Studio collection -- this is just one...

These fabrics were $5.99 per yard.  GULP.  

Have you priced anything from Dwell Studio lately?!  Do you understand that the Jonathan Adler fabric pictured above retails for $101.00 per yard?  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!

Admittedly, I have a weakness when it comes to fabrics.  I have a stash.  But it's only a problem when you consistently don't have a purpose for the fabric you are buying... right?  Right?!  Anyone?  Bueller?

Don't worry, I already started working with my 6 yards of colorful delight this weekend...

Coach Taylor coached me through it.  {Hashtag clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.}

I think we can all now refer to Old Time Pottery as "the place where awesome fabrics go to retire".  I'm blown away every time I visit that remnant table.

Has no one out there taken me up on this sage advice?  Let me know if and when you do!


looking back on blue skies

Since we've been experiencing true Fall weather here this week -- complete with cooler temps, blue-blue skies, and changing leaves -- I have been thinking about the one, brief field trip I did take in the beautiful landscape of Colorado back in the summer.  I had the chance to check out the campus of the US Air Force Academy one crisp afternoon in July, and I was glad to see all of this in person!

The landmark chapel on campus... quite the architecture. {And quite the understatement, SHB.}

The campus grounds are immaculate.  A lot of pride here... it was gorgeous, vast, and pleasingly symmetrical.

Then over to the football stadium, which was open and equally as impressive...

It would be fun to see a game here!  A great tradition, alive and well.

Now.  Back to Fall...