royal cuteness

If this just-released photo doesn't make your Monday a little brighter, then I'm at a loss...

{photo by Jason Bell - Camera Press}



oh give me a home...

This dude stared at me all day while I worked at my desk...

You can practically hear him snarling and snorting, can't you?
That's not good for office morale, especially on a Monday.

Not to fret.  This buffalo will soon have a new home, hanging on a wall far away in Colorado.  
He won't exactly be roaming... but close enough.


where the bluebonnets bloom

A few weeks ago, my work travels took me to Texas for a few days.
I wrote about other times spent in the Lonestar state here, if you want a refresher.
This time around we were in San Marcos and Austin {again}.

After a full day of installation, we made the short journey to nearby Gruene to have dinner.  We arrived just as the sun was setting, so the lighting provided a good shot of the famous water tower:

This town is not much more than a crossroad in appearance, but it is really charming in its Texas way.  Oh, and it is the home to one of the state's oldest dance halls where they turn on the party lights each night:

Since it was Wednesday night, the Hall was having a free show, so we stopped in for a bit to hear some great music and observe the lively locals.

This is the main stage where acts set up for weekend shows:

I hope you can grasp the scale of how small the main stage actually is by see the door and flag.  This is an intimate, no frills venue at its best, complete with screen doors and chicken wire.

And did I mention it is O-L-D?  Just look at those floor boards...

A lot of boots have scooted over those planks.

We made our way from the dance hall over to the antiques store next door to look around...

This is how they patch holes in the floor in Texas...

The store had an awesome collection of letterpress letters... drooooool.

After finishing our work in San Marcos, we had extra time before our flight out of Austin to briefly tour around.  We ended up at the beautiful capitol building with its signature red granite facade:

Fun fact: The Texas state capitol is the sixth tallest state capitol, and it is even taller than the United States Capitol in DC.  {Thanks, Wikipedia!}

This is the ornate front door knob:

Here are some shots from the inside...

 {That is a door hinge... have you EVER???}

And this was another building around the capitol perimeter...

That declaration pretty much says it all about Texas!

It is a proud state.


Erin go Bragh

Here's your fun fact of the {St. Patrick's} day:  my mom almost named me Erin when I was born.  I'm not sure if she'd outright admit it, but I think she pulled that name from her love of the TV series, 'The Waltons'.

Weird to think I could have had another name.  {And this is the point my mind begins to drift to a world void of the confusion that comes with having a double name...}    

Anyway, since today is, in fact, St. Patrick's Day, I have also been drifting in thought to the Emerald Isle -- yes, Ireland.  I think I've mentioned here before that I've never traveled abroad and that Ireland tops my international travel wish list.

If I can't actually go, I'll just make the trek through photos for now...

In keeping with the day, I adore this fun poster art found on Etsy:

{etsy | loosepetals}

Have you been to Ireland?  Tell me everything!


just like pictionary

This is a typical note I leave for myself before going to bed...

I mean, if you've got to do something as humdrum as changing a light bulb, you may as well psych yourself into thinking it's going to be a party!

Happy Friday.


blue skies

A couple of weekends ago, my family gathered in our hometown for a relaxing time.  After all the cold days lately, this particular weekend brought the first jolt of warmer, beautiful weather... it was much-needed.

We spent the entire Saturday outside... visiting, reading, watching my nephew dig in the sand...

What you need to know is that this is an enormous pile of sand that my parents had unloaded to "fill in some landscape & holes in the yard."

See?  Enormous...

We actually think it was brought in to delight their grandson.  Mission accomplished, as he makes a beeline for this spot each time he visits.  And he brought some friends this time, too...

Speaking of beelines, I made one to the blooming camellias to get another sharper bee...

And I got a shot of these colorful little weeds, too...

{When I was little, I always thought these weeds looked like the Honkers from Sesame Street.  Do you see it, too?} 

My mom had these sweet and simple daffodils resting in an equally sweet and simple cobalt glass vase... the perfect first sign of Spring.  It's coming...!


thrice all right

We are at the height of The McConaissance, people.

And it is producing gold like this:

:: embedded video here, subscribers ::

Why is this so funny?  Because it is SPOT. ON.

Secrets, secrets don't make friends, Co Jo.