Friday fridge

It's Friday! 

Why not post a pic of what's currently hanging out on the front of my refrigerator?

- the standard kitchen fare: coupons from my favorite local Mexican place

- holiday remnants: a sweet Valentine from my nephew & a new year's reminder to be cheery

- some pop culture classics featuring Calvin & Hobbes and Dwight K. Schrute

- a cute dinosaur magnet made by a sweet friend's little one

- and an awesome cat wearing giant glasses... that needs some explaining

The cat came from a calendar that one of my friends humorously made for me with all kinds of crazy cat photos & captions, born out of our supreme appreciation for the best YouTube video of all time:  'kittens inspired by kittens'  {not because I am a crazy cat lady... yet.}

Oh, you're not familiar with said video?  Consider yourself acquainted:

:: video embedded here, subscribers ::

So, what about your fridge?  Not into the clutter?  Pictures everywhere?


H A P P Y   F R I D A Y !


family time

Memorial Day weekend gave me the much-needed opportunity to spend some extended time with my brother and his family.  I hope each of you enjoyed leisure time with your family, too -- one of the great freedoms afforded to us in the US by those who fought and died on our behalf.

We took the all-American route over the weekend by grilling out.  And by "we", I mean my brother the grill master:

"Nickburgers" never disappoint.

While his daddy was manning the grill, my nephew was tending to his current obsession that is ALL THINGS THOMAS THE TRAIN.  On a scale of zero to Calvin Klein, let's just say he is about a twenty-five.

He is never far from Thomas, Charlie, Annie, and the gang.

But he can break away long enough to snag some cheese from the grill...

I guess it's safe to say summer is now underway!
{That rhyme is free of charge.} 



never say die

No, I'm not talking about The Goonies...
I'm referring to the nifty succulent I recently purchased for my home.

It's a Ripple Jade.  A real beaut.

I really like the punch of life and color it adds to my dresser vignette here.
That flower pot was another junk store treasure found at this spot.
They work well together as a nice design element, me thinks!

Don't you dig that texture on the flower pot?

SURELY... I can keep this thing alive.

I've been wanting some live plants in my house, but I decided to try the shallow end of the pool first.  The true test will come when I travel for extended periods of time for work during the summer.

I'm enjoying it for now!



Did you know they still make these?!

I spent some time in my hometown last weekend, where a new Family Dollar store has just opened.  My mom and I went to check it out in all its shiny, clean newness, because that's what you do in small towns!  I was surprised to see these huge ashtrays {since smoking's been banned in virtually every public space in America}... just struck me as funny.

Glad to know they are BURN RESISTANT.  Obviously.

You should also know that one of my favorite phrases to throw out, given the fitting chance, is the classic "Smoke 'em if you got 'em."  

And there you have it.  My brain, ladies and gentlemen.  
To all a good night.



I watched 'The Philosopher Kings' over the weekend -- a really great, really insightful documentary:

:: video embedded here, subscribers ::

The film profiles a few individuals who work as custodians at some of the most prestigious academic institutions in America.  {Think 'Good Will Hunting'... but not really.}  I highly recommend it and think you'll be surprised how these people feel about their chosen profession.

A great reminder that everyone has a story and that it's important to let it be told.