good nights

About a month ago, you might recall hearing angels sing out on a random sunny day but didn't know to what you should attribute that beautiful singing.

Well, it was at that exact moment when the Macy's truck pulled up to my house with a brand new, long-awaited, much-anticipated mattress!

A sight to behold, guys.

I'd had my old mattress since the day I graduated from college when I had to buy it for my new life as a working professional.  It was the first big purchase I made on my own, and let's just say it wasn't that big -- but all I could afford as said new college graduate.  That translates into it being simply A MATTRESS.  No extra support or comfort level... just something to lie down on at night.  And well, after so many years of that {no need to get specific in how many years}, it was just finally time.

That mattress beat me up at night in its final days.  I woke up hurting!  It got to the point where I was actually looking forward to my work travels and staying in a hotel bed, because it was guaranteed to be more comfortable than what I was sleeping on at home -- even with a mattress pad and feather topper.

So, now it's just the reverse -- I look forward to coming home and sleeping in my OWN bed because it is so comfy.

In case you're wondering, I ended up going with a Simmons Beautyrest Bainbridge plush pillowtop.  No memory foam, no gel layer.  Great coil support with the right amount of softness.  I asked so many people what kind of mattress they had when I was making plans to buy this new mattress, and was surprised that half of them didn't even know what kind they sleep on each night!  

Here's to hoping this one lasts me a good while.  I am already sleeping so well!