the road goes on forever

Today marks an entire month I've gone without writing a post here.
I don't think I've been absent that long before now...
Between traveling and the fact that my computer is on its last leg, this is the result.
C'est la vie!

So, I spent all of August between Arkansas and Colorado as mentioned in my previous travel post.  There weren't any fun side trips to speak of like last year, but that means I was steadily working and getting my job done!

Here's the rest of my summer in random snapshots.  
I see a LOT of sunrises and sunsets when I'm traveling, in case you haven't picked up on that.  Work days are looooong during the summer.

The job site in Colorado was such an eyesore... wish we could have had a prettier setting with some cool rock formations and such.  {Oh, wait...}

I mean... Blechhh, right?!

Just as hideous at night.

{OK, enough of the sarcasm...}

Picture me driving to and from airports to these remote towns, and this is a lot of what I saw:

Now not to add any political commentary here, but this is the absolute truth... one day in Arkansas, I saw this sticker on someone's car:

And the very next day when I arrived in Colorado, this was the sticker I saw on another car:

Interpret that as you will... not in Kansas anymore, Toto!

I pump up my vitamin intake in the summer, y'all...

This bag keeps me kickin'!

Our job site in Arkansas was cool, being adjacent to a high school, and our parking deck overlooked the football field where the marching band practiced every hot afternoon...

And it was from this same parking deck, that I caught another beautiful sunset during our working hours...

OK, these and the vitamins actually both keep me going.  God paints a picture of his grace {literally -- in the sky}, and I need to see it every day and night when I am traveling and working 7 days a week!

Even when storms roll in, this spot at the pool in Colorado will be a fun one for all the party animals...

No, literally -- ANIMALS.  Look who showed up at the site one day...

Why do I always get the animals with non-opposable thumbs showing up on my jobs?  Remember this piggy a couple of years ago?  They could at least help install some furniture...

And that about wraps up work travels for the summer.  Believe it or not, I'll be heading out again next week for a quick work trip.  

As soon as I got back home, our department at work moved into a new office suite, so I've been packing/unpacking and getting situated in the new digs... and so has Dwight:

Maybe I will be able to post in less than 30 days next time!

Happy Labor Day.  :)