you too

Jimmy Fallon has done so many things on his show(s) that I adore, but this may be my favorite...

Who else would do that?!  And so well?

H A P P Y   F R I D A Y .


some things

Tuesday night seems about right to share another round of randomness, huh?

Here goes.

I am not afraid of the end piece on a loaf of bread.  
Nay, I almost prefer it.
Is that weird?
I know people who will leave the heel {as some call it} in the bag and just reach past it every time to get a "real" piece of bread.

I was in a very old building today, and this was the tile floor in one area.
The shape, the abundance of natural lighting, the shadows.
I didn't even notice the cracks and dirt.
What a timeless design -- people pay big money for this look now.

Whenever I see a Mt. Olive jar, I always think of my Granny's house in North Carolina.
We never sat down to a meal at her kitchen table when there wasn't a jar of Mt. Olive pickles right there.  
I love the citron top and its cute, homey design.  
And I miss my Granny especially around this time of year.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, this would be a great dessert option for you to make next week.
My mom and I tried this recipe the last time I was home, and it is so delicious and easy -- just like the card says.
You should know that this actually produces enough filling for two pies.
And we substituted a regular flaky pie crust for a graham cracker one.
{P.S. - I believe there will be a fountain flowing with sweetened condensed milk in Heaven.  But for now, hashtag DIABEETUS.}

OK, real talk.
This is my TV.
It is old, but it works.
It might be older than some of you reading this.
But it makes me laugh, because it is so old it can't keep up with current day formatting!
See there in the top left corner?  I never know the score of a football game.

So, who else has pulled out the trusty thermal blanket for your bed now that Winter has come knocking?
Is there anything more comforting than that standard-issue manila bundle of cotton warmth?
This bed is very hard to get out of in the mornings.



Fall in photos

Some shots from a recent, relaxing Fall afternoon... 

To know that this beauty is only a taste of what is to come, by the hands of our Creator...  that is encouraging.