a feast of fall

Happy December, all!

Well, I took a lot of photos during the Thanksgiving holiday so I'll just share them here with minimal commentary.  I think they'll speak for themselves in reflecting what a low-key and restful time it was...

The weather was AWESOME during the holiday... sunny, low 70's.
Perfect for getting outside and snapping photos of God's gifts!

There were a few last-minute runs to the Piggly Wiggly for recipe ingredients...
Gus the super cat remained on his usual throne perch...
Walks in the woods and across the street to visit our neighbor's horses...
Some beautiful L.A. sunsets... {that's "Lower Alabama" to you}
And a mistletoe sighting to boot!

A time of thanksgiving, indeed.
To our Lord and Savior, who is good.  Always.


lettuce alone

So I was washing lettuce recently.
And the lighting was great in the kitchen.
And the lettuce was so perfectly green.
And you know what happened next...

I grabbed my camera.

{Remember what they say about the eye and the beholder, OK?}

Yes, I think lettuce is beautiful.
And delicious.

Carry on.


pen pals

I have always been a letter writer.
There's not much better than getting real mail, don't you think?
I'm so glad I grew up just before the technology boom.
Letters are so personal.  They take time and thought.

A lot of people say the handwritten letter is a dying art.
Maybe there's truth in that.
But I have a friendship that proves otherwise.
A friendship that has been primarily sustained by mailed correspondence for the past 18 years.

Here's a photo {of a photo} of my good friend, Diane, and me the week we met:

We were only 17 years old, attending a high school civic/leadership program.
We lived at opposite ends of our home state.
We were randomly matched to be roommates for a week.  {But I know it was God's intention... nothing random about it.}
We instantly clicked, and even though we only spent 7 days together, I left that place with a dear friend.
We stayed in touch through letter-writing all during our Senior year of high school and the early years of college.

As often happens, we lost touch for a few years.
But thanks to technology {yes, it does have its good points!}, we reconnected on Facebook several years ago and picked up right where we left off.

We continue to write letters... even when Diane lived in Paris!

We've had the rare occasion to actually meet up in person a few times since reconnecting.

This was our last visit {along with Diane's precious son}... I think it was in 2012:

It is wild to think that over the span of 18 years, we've probably only spent a total of 12 days in each other's presence.  But she's one of my closest friends.  

We still write.  Now we also text and sometimes phone.  {Technology!}

She is a sister in Christ and a huge blessing to me.

I love how God orchestrated this friendship!  It is just one example of His faithfulness and provision in my life.


just browsing

Man, I haven't perused Etsy in a while... Tuesday is as good a day as any for doing just that!

I love seeing all the creative offerings people spend so much time curating or making from scratch.  Let's look at some of my favorites from today's browsing session...

Shop | PotterEverdeen Charms

These make me laugh SO MUCH.  From 'The Office'... Prison Mike stud earrings.  To know Michael Scott is to love {err, tolerate?} him.  This episode was a classic.  I wouldn't necessarily wear these, but they are really crafty and fun.

Isn't this pillow pretty?  I think Greek Key is timeless... love this trim.  I have a pillow just like this, minus the trim.  This inspires me to buy some trim and add it on, but I think I'll try navy for a little contrast.

Another pop culture relic... 
I need another t-shirt like a I need hole in my head.  But I just love this!

I just think this is cool... I like the nod to Paul Rand, his creative play on words & graphics, and it's a nod to my blog title. 

This is cute and seriously helpful.  For anyone who needs to recalibrate each day, this would be an awesome tool to stay on track.  And by "anyone," I mean me.  Aggghhh!

Now that the temps have been dipping lower at night, I'm always pulling on some warm socks.  These are literally the king of socks, right?  :)  They're fun and I like that they're long... 
Also, there are some really questionable socks in this shop, so browse at your own risk.

I do love some letterpress, and I like how this little novelty calendar pops in bright colors.  It would be a fun addition to your bulletin board or fridge... it's a tiny 4" by 5".  Cute!

Have you found anything super-great on Etsy lately?

Did you know that Blogger autocorrects "Etsy" to "Easy" every time I type it?




Good Monday morning, readers!  Let's jump into this new week together.

When somebody asks me what my dream job would be, I usually don't have a ready-made answer.  {That's probably not good, but oh well.}  However, I do often think of the now-defunct 'Pop Candy' blog that produced content every day on USA Today's website and what an awesome job that must have been for creator/writer Whitney Matheson.  Through this job, she got to interview lots of cool artists, and companies sent her free stuff all the time related to pop culture.  It never appeared to be a boring day for her!  My favorite part of 'Pop Candy' was the Early Buzz post that Whitney published each morning that featured links to various items of pop culture interest.  Reading her blog was a great way to get my brain going for the day.

In homage to that, I thought it would be fun to share a few links to some of the best things brought to my attention over the weekend.  

(1) Are you familiar with all the buzz surrounding the prediction in 'Back to the Future II' that the Cubs would win the World Series in 2015?

Click this fun little article that speaks to the seemingly psychic screenwriter.

(2) One of my very favorite shows is 'CBS Sunday Morning.'  They do such an incredible job of compiling the best of human interest stories, along with news, movie reviews, and videography of some of the most beautiful spots in America.

In this video that aired yesterday, they profile the annual rodeo put on by the Angola State Prison in Louisiana.  {I had NO idea such an event occurred.}

(3)  I follow a feed on Instagram that features different artists, which introduced me to the work of Kate Waddell... go to her site and take a look around.  Her talent speaks for itself, but she also seems like a really sweet person. 

I think this might be my favorite piece of hers:

So those are my three clicks for you to start your day!

Go have a great week.  :)



I've been taking photos in the kitchen again.
This lone peach would be fun to turn into a painting...

But for now I've dressed it up in an encouraging word.

I hope you will find such comfort in the Truth of this... God will not leave you.
He guides us.  He keeps us.  He loves us.



So, I've heard the same advertisement several times on local radio this week for a funeral home that is inviting the public to stop by and view a casket on display that is an "exact replica" of the one that President Abraham Lincoln was buried in.  


Does no one else think this is weird?  Am I the weird one?  {Don't answer that.}
I mean, I guess there are some history buffs out there that would delight in seeing this relic... even if it is in a funeral home.  Patriotism never goes out of style, amiright?

Hey, if any of you go and see it, let me know!

Also on the subject of history...

I was in a flea market recently and came across some old photos for sale.
These aren't just any photos, though...

They're party pics!

Oh, just so many questions, y'all...

Who ARE these people?  {For starters.}

I'm not sure, but it looks like the same lady with cat-eye glasses in all three photos.  If that's the case, it appears she was a regular at The Fore & Aft Lounge!

I guess back then you had to special order these photos of a lively night on the town.  So much easier now... people will freely post photos on the internet of you in a compromising social situation!  No need to track down the photographer to place your order. ;)

I didn't buy any of these, but there was a whole basket full of them.
They'd certainly be a fun conversation piece in a gallery wall.

A view of history.  On paper.  Of people actually living in a moment... and not staring at their phones.



Blog design aside, there's been a good deal of rearranging in my world lately.

Right now I'm talking the literal kind involving these lovely flowers:

Some really nice people friends I have worked with for several years sent these to me on a recent occasion.  
Spoiler alert: I left my job.

{It's OK, guys... all on good terms!  Maybe I'll write about it some day.}

The arrangement was GORGEOUS, and the thoughtfulness behind it even greater.
I got so much enjoyment out of them, and I wanted to make that last as long as possible.
So once the faintest signs of wilting started, I removed all the flowers, re-cut their stems and created three separate smaller arrangements to place around my home.


You can never, ever go wrong with simple hydrangea blooms in milk glass...


My little bulbous vase wins again...

Don't you love all that color in such a small bunch?!  


Again with the hydrangeas, but this time in a plain ol' drinking glass...

All white flowers and those chunky green leaves... refined and lovely!

And it's just fun to have two flower arrangements in your line of sight...

Rearranging can be a really good thing to do.  :)


clean sweep

{This screen shot is a little throw-back to the days of VHS tapes... which reminds me: Do you watch 'The Goldbergs' on ABC?  If you grew up during the 1980's, it will put a HUGE, nostalgic smile on your face!}

Cleaning is the name of the game around here.
I thought it was high-time to do some tidying up, so I redesigned my blog header and made a few other little tweaks.
I'm really trying to stretch my graphic design muscles... it's fun!

If you subscribe by e-mail or through a feed, just click on over to my blog and see the new look for yourself.  
{OK... I probably built it up too much, but I really like it!}

Happy Monday, readers!


discs gone by

Ah, technology.
How swiftly you morph!

Look what I found recently in what seems like my never-ending boxes of treasures from the past...

... my much-beloved Discman.  Mint condition, guys!

It's funny to think that back when I used this device every day, I really thought this was the peak of technology for the music-listening experience.  I guess I was convinced by the 'Anti-Skip' feature.  Good thing I was never employed at Apple, amiright?! 

But the treasure trove did not end there, oh no.
I also dug up my enormous collection of compact discs {duh, CD's}...

That photo pretty much sums me up from 8th to 12th grade.  
{Can you tell I graduated from high school in the late 90's or what?} Hashtag HOOOTIE!

Any of you familiar with this little code on the back of a CD? 

Oh yeah, BMG Music Club for sure!
I didn't mess around with Columbia House.
But it really was so fun to send off that order form {and most of my savings} IN THE MAIL to get all my favorite music.

Grown-up Sarah Harper is thinking this was a great decision to spend all of my money on now-obsolete CD's and not be one of those kids who saves every penny from their after-school job and starts flipping houses with that cash before they even graduate from high school.

I'll leave you with one last nugget just to show ingenuity didn't completely pass me by...

That would be velcro on the bottom of my Discman.
The matching velcro pieces were attached to the console in my car.
You know I had that cassette tape adapter so I could play all those CD's through my car's speakers.

That's what WINNING AT LIFE looked like in the 90's.