shadow study

Scrolling through photographs I've taken most recently, I've noticed an unintentional theme:  SHADOWS.
It's cool to see how shadows can often create more visual interest than the actual object in the frame.

{And I'm sure there's a deep life metaphor that could be derived from the following observance of shadows, negative space, and reflection of light, but I'm going to keep this literal!}

Let's have a look, shall we?

{Yes... I love to work cryptogram puzzles.  That is a post in and of itself.  Hashtag granny.  Hashtag nerd.}

So, there you go.  Shadows.

Stay warm out there.  :)


heart-y hello

You all know it's VALENTINE'S DAY tomorrow, right?!  
And if you don't know how I feel about that, you can find out here.
{Spoiler alert: I love it!}

When I found that old photo of my grandfather a few weeks ago, I also found in the box this sweet vintage Valentine postcard...

It didn't have anything written on the back, so I don't know its origins.
The manufacturer's mark included the year 1913, though...
I'm sure this would have been received with much excitement in the days of such heavy postal communication.

I went to Target yesterday for some groceries and other essentials, and I got tickled when I saw the horde of people gathered around the Valentine's section of the greeting cards.  I'm not joking when I tell you the crowd was five people deep!  And you could forget about the back section of the store that housed all the Valentine's candy and treats... it looked like a pack of bobcats had been let loose in those aisles.  Completely ransacked!  There were a few desperate souls combing through the remnants, bless their hearts.

I hope you have a LOVE-ly weekend.  
Happy Friday!  
Happy Valentine's Day!


present tense

This song is a huge encouragement to me lately.  
It's new and inspiring while maintaining the hopeful message of Bill Gaither's original work. 

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Because He lives
I can face tomorrow
Because He lives
Every fear is gone
I know He holds my life my future in His hands

Amen, Amen
I’m alive, I’m alive
Because He lives
Amen, Amen
Let my song join the one that never ends

Because He  L I V E S!  Present tense... this truth changes everything.
He is alive and he cares for us.

The thought struck me recently that one of the only times I ever feel truly at peace and trust God is when I'm on an airplane.  I know that must sound strange since air travel can produce a lot of anxiety... but when I'm on a plane, I know there's not a thing I can do to keep that plane in the sky.  I have no control.  And if something were to happen, God holds my life in His hand.  I want to live every waking minute on the ground like this, and I pray that I will!  The false sense of control in our lives is so destructive and fruitless, isn't it?

I hope you feel encouraged by this song, too.  Let every fear be gone!


Tuesday tulips

... and sunflowers!

I had a couple of dear friends over during the weekend, so I wanted to brighten up my place for their visit with some fresh flowers -- tulips, to be exact.  My friends' arrival brought even more cheer as they had some beautiful sunflowers in tow for me.  The tulips started out in two different containers, but by the start of this week, I decided to consolidate them into one low bowl for a refreshed look.

I had to photograph them and share with you.  A little color to start your day...

I normally just use this bulbous bowl for catch-all items or candy, but I love the sweet little arrangement it holds with the reworked tulips.

Don't you just love flowers?  I'm overwhelmed by the beauty and thought God puts into his creations!


minor detail

So, this is my brand new bottle of laundry detergent...

Connect the dots, y'all... the laws of physics will be playing against me for the next 35 loads.
Believe me, I tried to twist that spout around, but it is lodged in there.

Soooo... I'm just being extra awkward careful when I pour out the detergent.
But if you've been reading around here for any length of time, you know that I tend to be on the klutzy side.  
Probably not going to end well!  Expect a photo of blue liquid covering the floor of my laundry area very soon.

Happy Friday Eve!