Friday free-for-all

We made it!  TGIF.
Still no sunshine, but maybe that will change today.
Since it is Friday and we're sliding into the weekend, I thought I'd share just some random observations I've had lately -- captured in photos, no less.

As seen in 'People' magazine...
This would totally be me!  
No designer?  No problem.
Nobody puts Cora Crawley in a corner.

I captured this after I posted my shadow series photos here.
But still wanted to share...
It's the leg of a plant stand in my parents' home, being bathed in the sun.

Sigh.  I miss 'The Office'.
I was going through some papers recently and found this.
One of my former office mates {literally} gifted it to me.
"Jim Halpert, ladies and gentlemen."

Does anyone else think this is super-creepy?
I just wanted some kiwis.
Not a devil face staring back at me.
And why are we giving fruit all these sassy names now?
You've got "Cuties"and now "Mighties"...whyyyyyyy?

Speaking of creepy...
I spotted this while in an antiques store with my mom not long ago.
At first I thought it was supposed to be Jesus, but then I read the label.
So I started referring to it as "John the Baptist on a stick".
Mom was amused.
Then we saw they were asking $375 for it.
Is this real life?!

Wait a minute.
WHAT is in this package?!?
I didn't sign up for this.

And finally, this is the rug in my living room.
I just liked the monochrome shot.
Nothing more to see here, kids.




How's everyone doing out there?  Are you making it through the week so far?

This is about all I can muster for now:

I feel like that kitten for sure.
It's just been a weird couple of weeks.
I'm ready for some sunshine!

Hang in there... and run towards Friday!