color in the kitchen

Just a few shots from the kitchen lately...
The striking colors and flood of natural light forced me to bust out the camera mid- meal prep.

We are spoiled by God's creativity!
I love seeing it in the most mundane of events, like cooking dinner.
Just have to keep my eyes open.

Where have you been struck by it lately?


old timer

My youth is officially over.
I mean, I've known this truth for quite some time... but there seems to be a spike in tangible evidence of this truth with each passing day.

The latest?

These guys just got inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame:

{courtesy: R&R HOF + Museum}

That's Green Day.  
I remember vividly being in 8th grade when they hit the mainstream MTV scene.
Do you understand that?
I remember their BEGINNING of being a popular band.
Soooo, there's that.

And here's more proof that time stops for no one:

These are all the phones I've had in just the past 12 years!
I was cleaning out closets this weekend and promptly got rid of the dinosaurs.
{But not before snapping a photo, of course.}
Clearly I was a Nokia enthusiast prior to entering the smart phone world.

Look at this, y'all...

Cingular doesn't even exist anymore.
Don't you know I thought that orange logo on a navy phone was super cool?
Never mind the fact this phone weighed at least 7 pounds.

I dropped it a few times, as you can tell... but that was no problem:

Because it's true!
And I was going to stop at that first meme, but I fell down the rabbit hole of Nokia phone funnies on the Internet, and well... these are too good not to share.

OK, I'm done.
It's getting close to Granny's bedtime now.



Jimmy does it again

You know I've expressed my adoration for Jimmy Fallon's fun and heartwarming style many times around here and THIS is no exception, surely to plant a smile on your face and tug at your heartstrings...

Did y'all see this on 'The Tonight Show' this week?  WHAT A CLASS ACT.

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