back in time

For one reason or another, I feel like there are a handful of really great movies from the past two decades that I missed seeing when they came out.  Not just random movies, but ones that most people have seen and enjoyed.

One of those for me would be 'Patch Adams.'

I think it came out the Fall I started college, and that makes sense to me why I never got around to watching it.  I sometimes think of college as a black hole in my pop culture spectrum because I was always going to some activity or class or studying... who WAS that person?!

One night recently I was scrolling through Netflix, specifically looking for anything {non-slapstick} that Robin Williams was in.  For me, I enjoy the sense of calm that comes from watching his more serious roles... I honestly think it's just the cadence of his voice.  Anyway, there in my Netflix lineup was the iconic image of Robin Williams in his white coat and red rubber nose used for the cover of the movie.  This was the perfect time for me to finally watch 'Patch Adams!'

I had no idea that Philip Seymour Hoffman was also in it:

I think I appreciated the movie more watching all these years later, knowing what we know now.  It's almost incomprehensible that these two greats died within six months of each other.  Thank you, God, for movies... we can appreciate their talents for years on end.

I also took this screen shot from the movie, just because it looked so cool:

I cannot imagine the work that went into getting that shot set up.  
Wonder if they had to do multiple takes for that scene?

I did enjoy the movie, but wow did it take a sharp right turn towards the end.
If you've seen it, you know what happened to his friend.
And to think this was all based on a true story... 

I recommend it. 

Stayed tuned next week when I review an album by an up-and-coming band called Pearl Jam.  
I have a feeling they are going to be big.  :)

Long live the 90's!


coffee and talk

Happy Saturday, one and all!  

I hope your morning is starting off with a big cup of coffee and an easy landing into the weekend.

By now, you've surely heard of Jerry Seinfeld's web series called 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'... maybe?  The short of it is that Jerry loves cars, comedy, and coffee.  So, he rounds up a fellow comedian for each episode and picks them up in a car of his choosing that reflects his impression of said fellow comedian.  They ride around, they laugh, it's good times.  Then they end up at a diner and order coffee and maybe some food.

I mean, the cars are fun and all, but the part I most enjoy is when they sit down in the diner together.  It's just such a romantic approach... nothing planned, as simple as you can get.  Two people having coffee and talking about whatever pops in their heads.  You are eavesdropping on two highly intelligent, very funny people, and it is a delight.  Jerry has a knack for picking great guests for the show, and you can tell they enjoy shooting the breeze with him.

The earliest episodes are great, just because no one was really aware that he was even doing this at the time... so you don't see a crowd of folks in the background of a shot trying to slyly take a photo with their phone or just following Jerry and his guest down the sidewalk.  But the newer episodes are great in their own right with the clean cinematography capturing beautiful shots of the art that is coffee brewing.

That's another big reason I love this series, because I love coffee.  I love the act of drinking it, and especially sharing that with other people.  If you drink coffee, you get it.  And the fact that most of these episodes are shot in historic diners {not just coffee shops} really draws me in.  I love diners!  After watching this show recently, I even did a web search of active, historic diners located across America.  It would be fun to visit each one.

So... if you haven't already watched this series, it's worth checking out.  I don't think you even have to be a fan of cars or coffee, really... you just have to enjoy the everyday interaction between two people.  And an appreciation of Seinfeld helps!  Which, by the way... next week marks the release of EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. of 'Seinfeld' on Hulu.  For someone who does not get cable and thus cannot watch 5 episodes every day in syndication, I am very excited about this.

It's like Festivus has come early this year!


treasure hunting

I recently cruised the aisles of my favorite junktique store, which I've written about before here, and thought I'd show you some of the goods I spied.  I managed to only came out of there with a little $4 framed piece of art, but it's always fun to just look around!

Let's browse, shall we?

This plastic trinket box gives off the same look as the faux malachite finish on various pieces that has been so popular in design blog land recently... really rich color that would be a lively accent to a space.

These letters were HUGE... and I'm such a fan of the cobalt blue.  A major steal at $12 each!

Art deco in the house!  Just thought this was a great design for a small, fun piece.

Very cool sign... I think it would be perfect for a city loft or a trendy office space.

Paint-by-number... always a classic.  I especially liked this one because of the subject -- usually they're just animals or log cabins. :)

This light fixture was fascinating.  It looked like thousands of pieces of resin melted together.  I'm sure it would have been in high-demand in the 60's and 70's.  Suitable for a lair, perhaps?

Greek Key anything is OK by me!  Loved these mugs and the bright fun reddish-orange... these would have gone home with me if I wasn't currently on a tear to rid my home of ALL THE STUFF.  You know, I don't need 10 more coffee mugs... the 10 I already have are enough.  {That's what I have to tell myself, at least!}

This was labeled "framed beach pic."  Hmmm.  My eyes see Old Faithful.  Hashtag geyser.

I just took a photo of this because my dad used to have one of these on his office desk.  I haven't seen one in such a long time!  The metal is indestructible.

This isn't your ordinary lamp.  There's a surprise inside.  Wait for it...

SURPRISE!  You're in the woods now.  

Another paint-by-number for the win.  Looks like an adobe-style church, much like an actual church I photographed in Arizona that you can see here.  {And how weird... that post also mentions malachite!}

More fabulous mugs!  {That I don't need.  Blerg.}

You can't go wrong with the ol' Readers Digest books to bring in some color to your space.  These were so well-priced, too!

Buttons.  Why aren't these popular anymore?  Nobody enjoys a good piece of flair these days...

Pretty green bottles used for lighting... this would be brilliant on a patio at night!

And now just some random items that caught my eye for their quirk value mostly:

{That clock says 'Baby Ben' -- hee, hee}

{All I could think when I saw this hat was "I'M BRIAN FELLOW."}

You never know what you'll find in these places.
It takes a lot of restraint when I come in here, but my mama's voice rings true in my head when she used to frequently tell me, "You're old enough for your wants not to hurt you."  

But it sure is fun to window shop.


pack it up

For all intents and purposes, summer is upon us.  
And for me, that means it will soon be peak time for work travels.  Giddy up!

I found this photo from last summer on my phone that pretty much captures the luxury and serenity {note: sarcasm} of living in a hotel for weeks on end:

Ignore the rat's nest mess.
But do take my pro tip for hotel living:  Always get a room with two beds.
You automatically get DOUBLE THE PILLOWS.

Now, the real takeaway here is that you will see one small carry-on suitcase and one tote bag on that bed in the photo above.  And that is all I take with me for several weeks.  Everything you see there fits in those two bags.  When I'm gone for a really long stretch, I do have to use the laundry facilities at the hotel.  So worth it. 

I become a machine when packing and making my way through airport security.  A racehorse with blinders on.  I just have to get through the finish line.

Want to see a great example of what that's really like?


:: yo, subscribers -- video embedded here ::

Up in the Air | Movie Trailer | Review

Only bringing carry-on bags is a game-changer.
You can switch flights without a second thought.
You don't have to wait an hour at baggage claim when you get back to your home city at two o'clock in the morning like a zombie.
The list could go on, people.

Packing this way almost becomes a fun challenge. 
You get real about what is a necessity and what is not.
And I always tell myself there will be a Target or drugstore wherever I'm going.
It's funny how easily we trick ourselves into thinking we are leaving civilization when we go on a trip.  That's how you end up bringing your 33 oz. bottle of shampoo and checking a bag.  Don't be that person.

I know this isn't a new concept for most.
But who of us couldn't use the reminder to travel smart?

Are you going anywhere fun this summer?  Tell me!