I took this photo a few weeks ago, just playing around with my camera... exercising my still life muscle in the generous late afternoon light pouring through the window.  I somehow lost the adapter cord to my camera in the past month so I had to order another one, and it arrived this weekend.  Now I can post pictures again!  Yessssss.

I was in California two weeks ago for work, but for the most part, I have not had to travel extensively so far this summer.  BUT.  That is all about to change... this week is the calm before the storm.  After that I will be here, there, and yonder, as per usual.  {If you're new around here, you can click on either 'Travel' or 'Working Days' over there under TOPICS to catch up on all the places I've found myself in while traveling for my job. ----->}

Hopefully I will come back with a suitcase full of good experiences and maybe even some cool images to share.  I always want to take my big camera, but that usually gets sacrificed since I am pretty strict on myself when it comes to packing for these trips!  {See here.}

Hope everyone is having a great summer thus far!