rand-o round-up

I'm trying to get back to posting more frequently here, and I say a small dose of randomness is always a good place to start!

Y'all will be glad to know I actually found the little magazine clipping I referenced in my post saluting David Letterman... kind of weird it just fell out of some papers I had filed away.

This headline popped up in my In-box a few days ago, so now we can all stop worrying and FINALLY get a good night's sleep...

Sometimes this is what's for dinner, and that's OK...

Deep breath.  I happened upon this card while shopping in Target not long ago...

NO.  NO.  NO.

How does a card like this actually make it to print and land in a store for public purchase?!  Please tell me.  Adverbs are our friends, people.  USE THEM.  I would like to think as soon as you take this card to the check-out register, the Grammar Police will swoop in and take you away in cuffs... or at least kindly walk you over to the Target snack bar and gently explain to you why purchasing this card is wrong and then buy you a bag of popcorn and a Coke Icee.  

{My run-on sentences are my own business, thankyouverymuch.}

Good day, all.  :)


whirl to the wind

Whew.  It's been a minute.

I'm back from my travels these past several weeks that took me back to California, and then to two separate project locations in my home state of Alabama... that never happens!  It was nice to feel closer to home, even if the days were still long and laborious.

I'll just dive in with photos and maybe some words will form in my brain to accompany them.  Most of these images simply capture hotel and transit life... No time for sight-seeing this go-round, kids!

Don't be jealous of my construction site wardrobe here... T-shirts all look the same under a neon safety vest, you know.

Home is where the Hampton is... 

High tea at the Hampton... just like at the Plaza, no?

Ah, rental cars.  Do you see that gear shift and its close proximity to the IDENTICAL air-conditioner knob?  Do you know how many times I turned up the air conditioner rather than putting the car in drive?  The number you are looking for is EVERY time.

The mountain view was not bad... but it did not improve the sizzling temps.

So. much. furniture.

And the ultimate productivity-killer on the job site... the ice cream truck.  "Hey guys, over here..."

My first morning back on the west coast coincided with the delayed final round of The British Open... so I got to take in a little golf before going to work, since my brain thought we were still on Central time.  I was up E A R L Y!

Angels sing when one of these is in your hotel room... Hashtag never too many outlets.

Tranquil setting, right?  You should know that this was the same day I experienced a 4.2 magnitude earthquake after just waking up in my hotel room that morning.  How lovely to sit on this patio and feel tiny tremors wondering if I would be swallowed up by the earth.  And I don't even really like Chipotle!

Sometimes I just need to watch 'Seinfeld.'  Even when there are two hundred channels on the hotel cable.  Also worth noting: I developed an extreme enjoyment for the TV show 'Catfish' this summer, since it was on every single time I ever turned on the television in any of my hotel rooms.  Wow... this show deserves a post of its own.

The only thing I will miss about the West is Rubio's.  I had not eaten at one of these since my exile in Tucson a couple of years ago... I hope all of you get a chance to eat at one of these some day.  Fish tacos and a salsa bar... SO. GOOD.

I always end up eating in a gas station at some point.  It's a given.

This dude wanted to ride on my car windshield to work with me one morning!

And saving the true glamour for last... laundromat city, you guys.  It's a necessary evil when your hotel doesn't have a guest laundry center.  Good times.

After logging all those miles, it's the best to come home and sleep in my own bed...

I mean, THE. BEST.

Z z z z z z z z . . .