discs gone by

Ah, technology.
How swiftly you morph!

Look what I found recently in what seems like my never-ending boxes of treasures from the past...

... my much-beloved Discman.  Mint condition, guys!

It's funny to think that back when I used this device every day, I really thought this was the peak of technology for the music-listening experience.  I guess I was convinced by the 'Anti-Skip' feature.  Good thing I was never employed at Apple, amiright?! 

But the treasure trove did not end there, oh no.
I also dug up my enormous collection of compact discs {duh, CD's}...

That photo pretty much sums me up from 8th to 12th grade.  
{Can you tell I graduated from high school in the late 90's or what?} Hashtag HOOOTIE!

Any of you familiar with this little code on the back of a CD? 

Oh yeah, BMG Music Club for sure!
I didn't mess around with Columbia House.
But it really was so fun to send off that order form {and most of my savings} IN THE MAIL to get all my favorite music.

Grown-up Sarah Harper is thinking this was a great decision to spend all of my money on now-obsolete CD's and not be one of those kids who saves every penny from their after-school job and starts flipping houses with that cash before they even graduate from high school.

I'll leave you with one last nugget just to show ingenuity didn't completely pass me by...

That would be velcro on the bottom of my Discman.
The matching velcro pieces were attached to the console in my car.
You know I had that cassette tape adapter so I could play all those CD's through my car's speakers.

That's what WINNING AT LIFE looked like in the 90's.


Creation = creative

I've been stopped in my tracks quite often lately by the sheer creativity, color, and design that God has given us all around this world if we just take a beat to notice.  

Sometimes He really goes out of his way to get my attention.
Like the summer afternoon I was packing up for a work trip and I kept hearing this LOUD bird outside my back door that was just relentlessly chirping...

I went outside and had to come back for my camera when I saw this:

This cardinal was happy as could be.
And I felt so grateful to see it, because it was a little nod to my maternal grandmother... cardinals were her favorite bird.  I always, always, always think of her when I see one.  It was such a comfort since I was already apprehensive about my upcoming travels.  God knows what His children need!

{Warning: if you don't like spiders, you might want to close out your browser now!}

{I'm serious.}

{Buh - bye.}

Now, for you non-arachnophobes...

I spotted this dude spinning his web outside my parents' back door another day this summer:

Spider webs are one of those points of Creation that just blow my mind!
Look at the detail... fascinating.

And also on the bug spectrum, this huge grasshopper crossed my path recently:

The details and design of its shell are so intricate, aren't they?

Finally, all of you should know by now how much I love a good sunset...
So here's one I captured not long ago, right outside my kitchen window:

He loves us, y'all.
And He shows us so very often.