lettuce alone

So I was washing lettuce recently.
And the lighting was great in the kitchen.
And the lettuce was so perfectly green.
And you know what happened next...

I grabbed my camera.

{Remember what they say about the eye and the beholder, OK?}

Yes, I think lettuce is beautiful.
And delicious.

Carry on.


pen pals

I have always been a letter writer.
There's not much better than getting real mail, don't you think?
I'm so glad I grew up just before the technology boom.
Letters are so personal.  They take time and thought.

A lot of people say the handwritten letter is a dying art.
Maybe there's truth in that.
But I have a friendship that proves otherwise.
A friendship that has been primarily sustained by mailed correspondence for the past 18 years.

Here's a photo {of a photo} of my good friend, Diane, and me the week we met:

We were only 17 years old, attending a high school civic/leadership program.
We lived at opposite ends of our home state.
We were randomly matched to be roommates for a week.  {But I know it was God's intention... nothing random about it.}
We instantly clicked, and even though we only spent 7 days together, I left that place with a dear friend.
We stayed in touch through letter-writing all during our Senior year of high school and the early years of college.

As often happens, we lost touch for a few years.
But thanks to technology {yes, it does have its good points!}, we reconnected on Facebook several years ago and picked up right where we left off.

We continue to write letters... even when Diane lived in Paris!

We've had the rare occasion to actually meet up in person a few times since reconnecting.

This was our last visit {along with Diane's precious son}... I think it was in 2012:

It is wild to think that over the span of 18 years, we've probably only spent a total of 12 days in each other's presence.  But she's one of my closest friends.  

We still write.  Now we also text and sometimes phone.  {Technology!}

She is a sister in Christ and a huge blessing to me.

I love how God orchestrated this friendship!  It is just one example of His faithfulness and provision in my life.