twice as nice

This past weekend was definitely worth documenting...

My sister-in-law is expecting twins(!!!) this summer, so she and my brother had a small gathering of family & friends to find out the gender of their two babies.  The above photo is of my nephew Graham after the big reveal that he will be getting a brother AND a sister!  Big smiles all around.

I was entrusted with the ultrasound results from her last doctor's appointment in order to handle the details of balloons and confetti that would be used to find out the big news.  It was really fun to be the only person to know for a week what the babies would be... not even my brother or sister-in-law knew!  

I am so glad everything went off without a hitch for the reveal, and I so look forward to meeting my next nephew and my first niece!

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  1. You did a great job safeguarding that info! I tried my best but couldn't get you to crack! Thanks for all of your help!!!