the asterisk

This deal alert popped up in my e-mail today...

Always read the fine print, you guys.

Or you might be headed down a wrong road...  

This is the world in which we live.  Happy Tuesday!  ;)



If you've been a regular visitor around here, then you know I enjoy the occasional stroll through a "junktique" store just to see what treasures are out there.  

If you're new, welcome!  You can see some of my past store visits here, here, and here.

I recently paid another visit to one of my favorite stores and captured some of the items that really grabbed my attention and/or that I really wished could have come home with me that day!

I have always wanted one of these artist manikins used for figure drawing.  I used to buy one every time I had to stage a model room... they are the perfect, fun addition to an otherwise humdrum bookshelf or desk.  

This is how you group books together for big design impact!  I want allllllll these books.  I mean, how about that green?!  

Just thought this was cool... I bet Joanna Gaines would approve, too.  :)

Again, big design impact.  Love how they had these similar trays grouped together on the wall.

Cute book!

These. chairs.  

They were in PRISTINE condition... like they must have sat in someone's grandmother's living room that nobody ever went in except on Christmas morning.  They swiveled and sat like a dream.  The striped velvet upholstery is not for everybody, I know... but it was so clean I would almost hate to cover it up.  These were the find of the day!  {I bet someone went home very happy with them.}

This armoire is definitely on-trend with the bamboo/chinoiserie craze that seems to be sweeping interior design lately... very nice piece.

This was an old 8-MM film canister of someone's trip to the Bahamas and the Grand Canyon.  Aren't you so intrigued?!  I bet those would be fun to watch... or you could do something really cool with the canisters -- good color, and they had plenty of them.

I'm not really sure what this little figurine is... it just made me do a double-take, because it looks like Donald Trump.  THAT HAIR.  Hee hee.

Loooove the old blue paint on this farm table.  The tag said it was circa 1800's.  Sanitary?  Mehhh.

And finally, just some great art & cool portraits...

That blue dress!  This would bring some vibrancy to a space for sure.  She could have a whole new identity in your home.  :)

It's fun to browse... not just online.  In a REAL store.
Try it!

Happy weekend.


once in a lifetime

Hey, who wants to talk politics?!

Y E A H.  R I G H T.

I'm not going there, but all this Election 2016 hype has got me waxing nostalgic about the summer during college when I interned in Washington.  It was 2001 to be exact, and here I am in all my pre-real world naivety...

This photo was taken just weeks before 9/11.  I had such a wonderful time and feel so grateful that I got to fully experience DC before our nation's security was rocked.  Weird to think that this was the same summer of the Chandra Levy murder -- that is what was on our radar as far as any danger.  Little did we know.

But this post isn't meant to be a downer!  I was thinking of some of the really unique, cool things I got to do while interning there... and that led to even more thinking of some other things I've done in my life so far that maybe not very many other people have experienced.  

In no particular order, here are some of my 'once in a lifetime' moments...

= Eating in the private Senate dining room on Capitol Hill =
Because I interned for a genuinely kind Senator {not an oxymoron}, he invited 3 or 4 of us interns at a time to have lunch with him.  The food was awesome, and it was surreal to sit in the same room as some of the most famous politicians and history-makers in my lifetime.

= Riding an elephant at the circus =
I do not know what possessed my mama to let me do this!  I must have been around 8 years old when a third-rate circus came to our very small hometown.  They had one huge big-top tent that served as the main arena for the show.  During intermission, they would let kids climb up on a harness on the back of an elephant and ride around the tent for a few minutes.  I wish I had a photo of this!  It seems like a dream now.

= Hanging out in an air traffic control tower =
Another pre-9/11 event!  My uncle was an air traffic controller at various regional airports during his career.  One summer while visiting my aunt and uncle, he took us up in the tower and let us see how everything operated.  Can you even imagine that happening now?!  What I remember most is the long hike up the stairs to the actual control room.  It was steep, y'all.

= Crashing basketball practice at UNC =
One of my other uncles worked in a position at the University of North Carolina for many years that required him to have keys to almost every space on campus.  We were visiting my mom's family in NC one Thanksgiving, and my uncle invited us to tour UNC with him one afternoon... since it was a holiday, the campus was deserted.  Perfect for getting an insider's guide to the historic buildings.  My uncle thought it would be really neat to show us the "Dean Dome," one of the most hallowed places in the state known for its rabid basketball fans.  His key let us in a back door, and before we knew it, we were on the court level while Coach Dean Smith himself was conducting practice with his popular Tar Heels team!  I don't think my uncle knew they would be having practice that day, but it was a fun surprise to get a peek at one of the best basketball coaches in history preparing his team for the next game.  {Side note: I cheer for Duke.  Go Devils.}  Still pretty cool!

These things may seem silly or unimportant to some... maybe they are.
But it's fun to think back from time to time on the out-of-the-ordinary experiences we've had... it breaks up the humdrum.

I would love to hear any unique experiences you have had, too!


across the pond

Happy Monday, y'all.

So here we are, now living in a world with no more new episodes of 'Downton Abbey.'  Ever.

Did you watch the series finale last night?!

I won't speak of any spoilers here... 

But I *might* have pumped my fist in the air for Lady Edith.

No one will ever refer to her as "Poor Edith" again.  Can I get an amen?

I'd like to thank the Royal Family for releasing their ski holiday photos on such a day as this...

{photo by: PA Royal Photographer John Stilwell}

Look at those sweet little snow bunnies!

This preciousness definitely softens the blow of saying farewell to DA.

Have a great week!