Spring is poppin'

Hey, hey!

This place could use a little life... some color infusion, perhaps?
I can think of no better way to achieve that than through springtime blooms!

Here's a collection of flower shots I've captured over the last month...

{For full enjoyment, pretend that pollen is not flying all around, OK?}

These first three shots may be my favorite... pretty obvious, but you can see 1) I focused in on the solo purple bloom in the front, 2) I changed the focus to the background grass, 3) Gus the cat wanted to be part of the photo shoot -- he is seriously nosy!  Still love him, though.

Our Father in heaven is soooooooooo creative!
The limitless detail in each of these blooms leaves me in AWE.

Matthew 6:30-33Living Bible (TLB)

30 And if God cares so wonderfully for flowers that are here today and gone tomorrow, won’t he more surely care for you, O men of little faith?
31-32 “So don’t worry at all about having enough food and clothing. Why be like the heathen? For they take pride in all these things and are deeply concerned about them. But your heavenly Father already knows perfectly well that you need them,33 and he will give them to you if you give him first place in your life and live as he wants you to.

What a wonderful, truthful reminder in these flowers... WE. ARE. LOVED.