they're here!

The days of waiting for my niece & nephew to arrive seemed to pass so swiftly!  {Even my sister-in-law said so, so you know it must be true since she's the one who carried them around for all those months!}  I feel like it was not that long ago that I shared the exciting news of the twins on the way...  AND NOW THEY ARE HERE!

Ellen and Harris were born two weeks ago on June 13th!  {If you want to read all about the big day, my brother documented it beautifully here.}

Much like the day my older nephew Graham was born when I shared the spectacular sunset from his hospital room, this was the incredible sight I saw out of the NICU window when I met my niece and nephew for the first time:

There's no way I could have staged this.

It happened the instant I walked into the room to visit those sweet babies.  How amazing and kind and thoughtful is our Lord?!  This is His promise.  He is always near.  HE SHOWS US THIS TRUTH.  It's just so special that it was a double rainbow for the two babies... and it's perfectly fitting that one of the rainbows was a little weaker than the other, because big brother Harris arrived quite larger than little sister Ellen!  

God has given the babies more strength as each day has passed.
They were able to go home today and be under the same roof as their parents and big brother.   
Now the real fun begins.  :)



refreshing design

True story: I love to rearrange furniture and change up my decor whenever inspiration strikes.  

Moving things around can bring a new perspective on your home and even make it feel like you've gotten a complete makeover without springing for an entirely new suite of furniture & accessories!

I thought it would be fun to share one of the rooms in my condo that I've changed up since moving here a few years ago, and I am linking to Kelly's Korner Blog showing Every Day Real Life Home Tours.

This was my master bedroom shortly after I moved in...

There's nothing wrong with it, really... it just felt tired to me.  And it didn't really reflect my style -- I love color and pattern, both of which were highly absent in this set-up.  {Plus, that bed had long seen its best days... I think my parents had it when they first married, and it was a hand-me-down to them!  Hashtag it might fall apart any second.}  

Sooooo... I changed it all up!

I rearranged by using the natural lines of the room, which meant my bed would go under the window.  This brought symmetry and order into the space, which I really dig.  

A priority for me was covering as much of the existing carpet as I could with this blue & white rug... I am a renter, so I'm stuck with the pinkish carpet.  That also means I can't paint the walls, so bringing in color through fabrics & furniture was my best bet.

The tall piece to the left of my bed serves as a display & storage space for my jewelry, which also injects color into the space.  I keep my printer & other home office supplies on the lower shelves behind the makeshift curtain.

I found that brass headboard at a thrift store for $19!  And every other piece of furniture is either a hand-me-down, curbside cast-off, or thrift store find that I painted.  I know it's not fancy, but it's an affordable solution for me... and you can paint over furniture as many times as you want! :)

Even though each dresser and desk are a different color, they are all in the blue/green family... they complement each other, rather than chopping up the space.

I scored these original oil paintings at my favorite junktique store in Birmingham... and they were marked down 50%!  They originally had two different color frames, but I sanded them and painted them both a gloss white to match and really bring out the colors & textures in the paintings.

Here's what they looked like before I painted the frames:

So there you have it.  My real life bedroom... in all its imperfect glory.

If you'd like to see another refresh project in my humble abode, click over to this post.  And you can see other glimpses of my condo by clicking on the 'abode' label under Topics in the right side bar over there. ---------->

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in the clouds

I caught this shot from my kitchen window the other night.
I can always tell when the walls inside my apartment start turning pink or orange in the evening, I need to look outside... God's trying to get my attention!

His power and beauty cannot be denied in the changing colors and the expansive horizon... to be reminded of His eternal reign, His promises, to know and trust He is Ruler of all the Earth... it brings so much peace.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; THE SKIES PROCLAIM THE WORK OF HIS HANDS.  Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge."  Psalm 19:1-2

I'm so thankful He sees us and shows us His glory!