they're here!

The days of waiting for my niece & nephew to arrive seemed to pass so swiftly!  {Even my sister-in-law said so, so you know it must be true since she's the one who carried them around for all those months!}  I feel like it was not that long ago that I shared the exciting news of the twins on the way...  AND NOW THEY ARE HERE!

Ellen and Harris were born two weeks ago on June 13th!  {If you want to read all about the big day, my brother documented it beautifully here.}

Much like the day my older nephew Graham was born when I shared the spectacular sunset from his hospital room, this was the incredible sight I saw out of the NICU window when I met my niece and nephew for the first time:

There's no way I could have staged this.

It happened the instant I walked into the room to visit those sweet babies.  How amazing and kind and thoughtful is our Lord?!  This is His promise.  He is always near.  HE SHOWS US THIS TRUTH.  It's just so special that it was a double rainbow for the two babies... and it's perfectly fitting that one of the rainbows was a little weaker than the other, because big brother Harris arrived quite larger than little sister Ellen!  

God has given the babies more strength as each day has passed.
They were able to go home today and be under the same roof as their parents and big brother.   
Now the real fun begins.  :)


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