winged things

Two interesting sightings lately...

I noticed this little bird perched on the rooftop next door when I was standing at my kitchen sink one evening.  
I can't believe it was still long enough for me to grab my camera.  
Looks like it was suppertime for its crew, too!

This light reflection settled on my wall one late afternoon... 
I see an angel with wings.  Do you?!  
I mean, it's not the image of Jesus burned into a piece of toast or the Virgin Mary in a potato chip, but I haven't seen it reflected this way again since that day.

Pretty neat if you ask me!


home for the fourth

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope your long weekend has been a good one.  I've spent mine enjoying the peace and ease of a visit to my parents' house... just visiting with family, going to church, sort of helping my mom in the kitchen {but mostly reaping the benefits of her incredible cooking skills}, and spending time outside.

I took a few photos...

Mama made biscuits... what else can I say about those?   Y U M.

And our neighbor, Mr. John, brought over homegrown tomatoes from his garden...

This is the designated sliced tomato bowl every summer...

Just waiting on these beauties to ripen in our own garden... then we can return the favor to Mr. John!

I did pick some cucumbers that were ready, or as I prefer to call them -- future pickles.  

I enjoyed my time at home so much!
Thankful for sunny summer days, blue skies, green grass, & U-S-A.