Even though I was away from this blog for awhile, I was still taking random photos as you know I like to do.  So, here are some of those blips of life that I captured over the last year...

A little message on some change I got back from a purchase one day... I'm sure there's a story here, and I would love to know it.

This was the old drawer liner I unearthed when I was cleaning up and moving out of my old place last summer.  I actually think this is pretty... love the blue & white.  I'm guessing it was original to the apartment.

Fall leaves bathing in the sunlight

'Neath the light of ye olde CVS store

Festive, funky mail

This ornament has been gracing our family Christmas tree since the 80's... it was especially fun to hang this past year.  Hashtag Go Cubs Go!

Alabama's beautiful bloom

Sunshine + color + pattern =  H A P P Y


Just testing my markers... fun little pattern

I always try to see interest in the ordinary!


red, white, & blue

It was fun, albeit odd, to have a Tuesday off of work when July 4th rolled around last week... but celebrating Independence Day is always a good thing no matter how many times you have to ask, "What day is it?" for the rest of the week.

It was a great, laid-back day!  My brother brought my oldest nephew over for a morning swim, then we regrouped at their house where my Super-Woman sister-in-law was tending to the twins among other things.  We enjoyed hamburgers on the grill, a bounty of tomatoes grown by our dad in Black Belt soil, and some box-mix cupcakes stirred up by yours truly. :)

Glad to celebrate what this day means and hope we'll be able to do so for years and years to come in America.  

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bloom where you're planted

This post's title is a phrase my mama has repeated to me for as long as I can remember.

I guess I've been in a sort of recalibration mode this past year {hence the lack of blog posts}... adjusting to a new job, a new place to live, and just getting used to not traveling all of the time for work!  It has taken me a bit longer to settle than maybe I'd anticipated.

But one of the great things about being planted in one spot {see what I did there?!}, is that I've been able to have plants in my outdoor space this summer because I'm actually at home to tend to them.  {Let's pause to remember my departed ripple jade from 3 summers ago... you will recall my track record has not been great with keeping plants!}  

Now, I literally have BLOOMS where I am PLANTED!

I love coming home after work each day and checking on my plants.  I will give them water if they need it and keep them pruned.  It's fun to watch them actually grow and bloom over and over.

Of course, this new road to plant-tending success has not come without its share of loss...

Ever the glutton for punishment, I tried another indoor succulent plant.  Wasn't it so pretty in its glory?  I just didn't have the skills to keep this one going, though, and it eventually bit the dust.  Another casualty.

But my outdoor plants are going strong, and I will keep this new hobby up!

Just call me a plant lady.