Even though I was away from this blog for awhile, I was still taking random photos as you know I like to do.  So, here are some of those blips of life that I captured over the last year...

A little message on some change I got back from a purchase one day... I'm sure there's a story here, and I would love to know it.

This was the old drawer liner I unearthed when I was cleaning up and moving out of my old place last summer.  I actually think this is pretty... love the blue & white.  I'm guessing it was original to the apartment.

Fall leaves bathing in the sunlight

'Neath the light of ye olde CVS store

Festive, funky mail

This ornament has been gracing our family Christmas tree since the 80's... it was especially fun to hang this past year.  Hashtag Go Cubs Go!

Alabama's beautiful bloom

Sunshine + color + pattern =  H A P P Y


Just testing my markers... fun little pattern

I always try to see interest in the ordinary!

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