Hey, my name is Sarah Harper. {That's a double name for those of you who don't speak Southern!

I live in Alabama the Beautiful.  I'm a lefty and a creative.  My education & professional background are in interior design, but I also love to write, sketch, and snap photographs.  I fall into Generation X, I prefer my 'Andy Griffith' episodes in black and white, and I believe life is better with Twizzlers. 

I just love life in its simplest forms... to laugh at a funny movie or soak in the colors of a beautiful sunset.  All of it is a gift from  J E S U S.  He is  L I F E.  He is  L I G H T.  He is our Maker, Defender, Redeemer, & Friend.

This blog is a collection of my photographs, random thoughts, travel stories, and things I enjoy in pop culture... basically a spot for me to clear out my brain!  I hope you will find something relatable here and keep coming back to visit me.

You can read a bit more about me & the origin of this blog here

Thanks for stopping by!